The Supernatural Enhancements (2014) – Edgar Cantero

So last week I delighted in Edgar Canteros’ wonderful Meddling Kids, and wasn’t sure it could be topped. Then, I dug into this week’s scary ride, Cantero’s The Supernatural Enhancements.

I went into this story with the bare minimum of knowledge, I knew the tale was doled out in surveillance footage, diary entries, letters, audio recordings, telegrams and the like, and that it centered around a character named A., his young assistant, Niamh.

The arrive on their newly inherited property in America, and soon find that their house is steeped in mystery, with hidden chambers, rumors of cults, a garden maze, and possibly a ghost…

That was the extent of knowledge. That and a few people I know had read it, and loved it.

And no sooner had I started than I was hooked, and just flew through the entire book, taken in completely by the story, the revelations, and the characters, and there are more than a few laugh out loud moments as well as some unnerving thrills.


There are puzzles, mysteries, cryptography and lots of spooky moments. I don’t want to share any more than that because that would spoil all the wonderful twists and revelations that fill the pages of this engrossing novel.

And just like that, with two back to back books, Cantero has a new fan, and I will make sure to hunt down his other works, though I’d be hard pressed to believe he’d ever find a better name for a dog than he does in this book.

The book walks a nice balance of thrills, and humor as we slide from A.’s diary, to his letters to his Aunt Liza, to the hilarious, entertaining, and compassionate interactions between A. and Niamh – made all the more poignant, funny, and informative by the fact that Niamh communicates through her note pad.

Everything boots along, and everything ends up being connected, but not in the way you think it will be, and for all that, Niamh, A. and their dog are a lot of fun to spend time with.

If you read and liked Meddling Kids, you’ll love The Supernatural Enhancements, and if you haven’t read either of them, you’re in for a treat. Pick them up, dig in, and read something amazing!

This title was on a haunted house list I perused, and I can say that it ended up being most satisfying, there was absolutely nothing I didn’t like about it, the characters, the moments, the mystery, the scares… all of it works brilliantly, and Cantero tells a fantastic story.

Check it out! And while I continue to delve into haunted houses and scary stories, I want to throw out the floor to recommendations. What’s a book that deals with the supernatural that you enjoyed?


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