Moonlighting (1985) – Knowing Her, and Somewhere Under the Rainbow

Ron Osborn and Jeff Reno pen the first case for Maddie (Cybill Shepherd) and David (Bruce Willis) this week. Knowing Her, debuted on 12 November, 1985, and sees the Blue Moon Detective Agency taking a case from one of David’s old girlfriends, Jillian (Dana Delaney).

She hires them to find a missing locket, but David, who may still have feelings for her, thinks her husband, Harlan (Joel Colodner) is planning to kill her. Maddie is not so sure, and it’s going to get worse for David, as the couple begins to rekindle their romance, and she ends up killing Harlan – in self-defense?

But what if it’s all part of a big plan?

Jillian may be playing a dangerous game, and using David to get away with murder, and get all of Harlan’s money.

And if Maddie starts investigating it, and putting it together, what will David do?

This is a very well written and well-performed episode. I mean, there’s no real surprises in terms of the plot, you can figure it out, but it’s watching the characters get there that is the entertaining part.

Delaney is always fun to see onscreen, and I crushed on her from the first time I saw her (in Magnum, p.i.), and she is perfectly on point in this episode. And the chemistry she shares with Willis throughout the story is palpable. And it’s also nice to see Maddie admit she’s a little jealous.

The story has been done before, but Moonlighting’s version is done so well (including a hilarious car chase for the climax), it should be considered the standard.


Somewhere Under the Rainbow was written by Debra Frank and Carl Sautter from a story that was created by them and Frank Dandrige. It first aired on 19 November, 1985.

David and Maddie have had some interesting cases, but their views have often conflicted and this time is no different. Things get underway when a young woman, Kathleen Kilpatrick (Alexandra Johnson) comes through their door asking for protection.

This is something the company is willing to do, but… she also claims to be a leprechaun. David still thinks they should take the case, but Maddie thinks the young woman needs a different kind of help.

But… what if she is what she says she is? And can offer proof?

Iconic character actor David Patrick Kelly plays McBride who is after Kathleen and her pot of gold (though technically, it’s a crock).

And as much as they find themselves wanting to believe Kathleen, the truth will out… but can’t both things be true? It’s a playful, innocent episode that has just a hint of magic to it.

The case work continues next week as more mysteries come through the door of the Blue Moon Detective Agency, and I watch them work with Moonlighting.





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