Moonlighting (1985) – The Dream Sequence Always Rings Twice, and My Fair David

Orson Welles, to whom the first episode this week is dedicated, makes his final television appearance as he introduces this unique episode of Moonlighting. Written by Debra Frank and Carl Sautter, the episode debuted on 15 October, 1985, and about twelve minutes into it, transitions to black and white.

David (Bruce Willis) and Maddie (Cybill Shepherd) are intrigued by the story shared by a club owner (Jack Bannon) about a forty-year old murder that remains unresolved to this day.

David and Maddie argue over who they think committed the crime, and then we are taken into their dreams that night as they both try to solve the murder. The story involves a torch singer who fell in love with her trumpet player, and ended up with a murder on their hands, the singer’s husband, and both went to the electric chair claiming to the end that it was the other.

So the episode plays with the genre, the concepts of storytelling and introduces music to the show in a big way as Shepherd belts out a couple of standards. It’s funny, it’s unique, and it is all Moonlighting, as the banter continues, the dialogue is snappy, and it embraces its traditions by showcasing the films of yesteryear, and the tropes that populate them, twisting them to their own means.

It also allows for the sparks to really fly between this incarnation of Maddie and David as seen in their dreams.

It’s a fun episode, that shows exactly what the show can do, and will do over the next couple of seasons before they make The Big Mistake.


My Fair David was written by Bruce Franklin Singer and debuted on 29 October, 1985.

David, Maddie and the Blue Moon Detective Agency are hired by Emily Greydon (Barbara Bain!) to find her kidnapped stepson, Clark (Robert Joy) and pay his ransom. They find him, and settle everything up, but things go sideways when Clark is kidnapped again.

As the detectives investigate, they discover that Clark is his own kidnapper, but is there a reason. An intimidating gangster (Billy Drago) may be the answer, or is the suspect a little more close to home?

Meanwhile at the agency things aren’t going well when David agrees to a bet with Maddie that he can’t behave like an ‘adult’ for a week. As it progresses Maddie decides that she prefers the old David, but wants to make sure the business is taken care of as well.

The series is really firing on all cylinders now, and is incredibly enjoyable. The banter and the stories, the goofiness is all afoot, and is a delight to behold.

There’s more casework next week as more clients come through the doors of Blue Moon Detective Agency and into the world of Moonlighting.


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