Moonlighting (1985) – The Murder’s in the Mail, and Brother, Can You Spare a Blonde?

The short first season of the classic 80s show, Moonlighting, comes to an end this week with this episode, The Murder’s in the Mail. Written by Mary Ann Kasica and Micheal Scheff, the story debuted on 2 April, 1985.

David Addison (Bruce Willis) secures a job for the Blue Moon Detective Agency, debt collection. He thinks it’ll be a piece of cake, but Maddie Hays (Cybill Shepherd) thinks, knows, different.

They soon find themselves caught up in murder, conspiracy, mistaken identity and a vanishing body. The episode is stacked with car chases, fake Russian spies, agencies (government and detective) and even a little gun play.

It ends up being a fun episode and it’s fun to see both leads settling into their roles, which makes you wish that the first season had lasted a little longer to continue to develop the show’s style, the banter, and the sheer fun that seems to fill the series – again this is something, considering the problems behind the scenes.

In fact one of the most enjoyable moments is when David and Maddie are trying to crash a party to save a life they get into a rhyming routine with the man running the list. Very Dr. Seuss. There’s also a wonderful food fight.

And make sure you get a look at the ridiculous sized ATM machine with a phone!


Brother, Can You Spare a Blonde? opened the second season on 24 September, 1985, and it starts with a fun opening, because the episode ‘was a minute short’ so they had to fill it with a welcome back.

Written by series creator and show runner Glenn Gordon Caron, the story has David’s brother Richard (Charles Rocket) show up, appearing to be very well off, Maddie is intrigued, and interested.

David, of course, is very jealous, and when he gets accosted by the people who want their money back, David begins to realize his brother may not be as rich as he seems to be, and may be in a world of trouble.

Of course, so is Maddie, she’s in trouble of losing her house, and needs $35,000, which David borrows from Rich, and that just causes all manner of problems for David when people want the money back.

With the script by Caron the series gets a little course correction, and the innuendo, the banter, and everything that worked really well in the first six episodes all combined the second season gets off to a fun and solid start.

Season two continues next week as we dig into more case work with the Blue Moon Detective Agency with Moonlilghting. And you know there is going to be a lot of interesting things coming our way with David and Maddie!


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