Pokemon: Detective Pikachu (2019) – Blu-Ray Review

Warner Brothers brings home the latest Pokemon title, Detective Pikachu today on blu-ray and DVD, and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. I’m not the biggest Pokemon fan, so it was Ryan Reynolds that got me to sit down and watch this one, and that may be the draw for a lot of people, as he lends his voice to one of the most iconic Pokemon creations, the cute, lightning-tailed title character Pikachu.

Tim Goodman (Justice Smith) is summoned to Rime City upon receiving the news of the death of his father. Upon arriving he finds himself caught up in the mystery surrounding his father’s apparent murder, as he joins up with his dad’s pokemon partner, Pikachu, and a young intern, with dreams of being a world class reporter, Lucy (Kathryn Newton).

Together they’ll discover secrets, truths, and even engage in a Pokemon battle or two.

The film boasts a solid supporting cast in Ken Watanabe and Bill Nighy, who both hold keys to Tim’s father’s fate.

I was rather delighted by this film, and laughed a lot, Reynolds is completely on-point as Pikachu, and he totally makes the film.



And for Pokemon fans, this film must be a bit of a revelation as it’s the first time they have seen some of these creatures portrayed so realistically, which leads into some very cool extras on the disc – there’s a way to watch the film called Detective Mode, which allows viewers to immerse themselves in the movie.

This is a fantastic bonus feature that is great for both film buff and Poke-Fans, as it takes the viewer behind the scenes as the film is playing. There are Poke stats for the creatures on-screen, fun factoids, interviews, and of course it guides you through the layers of easter eggs that permeate the film.

And that is just the tip of the iceberg for the blu-ray extras, also included a look at an alternative opening, how the film was created, a brief chat with Justice Smith, a fun audio commentary, some goofiness with Ryan Reynolds, and a music video.

This ended up being a delightfully fun movie, that is also the first Pokemon film I’ve ever enjoyed. It knows how to have fun, the casting of Reynolds as the voice of Pikachu is nothing sort of inspired and consequently, that sense of fun permeates the rest of the film.

It’s able to walk that fine line between funny, and actually have an emotional through line for the lead character.  And of course, the picture and sound look great.

So if you’re not a Poke-fan, I’m not, and just want something fun to share with the family, or have a laugh on your own about, check this one out. It’s worth the watch and ends up being solidly entertaining, even if you can’t tell a Squirtle from a Charlizard.

Pokemon: Detective Pikachu is available today from Warner Brothers on blu-ray and DVD!




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