Le Notti Del Terrore (1981) – Andrea Bianchi

Somehow, we’re still in the so bad, we’re not quite sure they’ve come around to good again section of the zombie oeuvre in DK Canada’s Monsters in the Movies. I’m definitely getting a fresh perspective on this sub-genre as it seems I’ve been very fortunate in my selection of zombie movies up to this time.

But apparently there are a lot of bad zombie movies out there. Some have found their way around to being cult favorites, but some should probably be forgotten, and I vote that this one be at the top of that list. Also known as Burial Ground: The Nights of Terror this one is pretty horrible.

With no real redeeming qualities at all, and lacking even a basic story, this Italian grindhouse horror doesn’t have much going for it, as it plays up every trope we’ve seen in zombie films, and doesn’t really add anything to the lore, except a rather off-putting breastfeeding scene.

In a castle, which have crypts and catacombs, of course, a researcher inadvertently brings the dead back to life, well undead life, and of course, they are ready to kill everyone they come across.


And that means a group of spoiled rich people attempting to have a sex and booze filled getaway. Though why that means they have to bring a kid along, who looks like a really small adult, no literally, this actor was a grown, but diminutive man.

The zombies themselves are of the ambling, shuffling variety, and honestly, the makeup work is horrible, because all they are using is latex masks, you can make out the actual actors under them, and they’ve been augmented with some makeup work, and some light gore.

Honestly, even the kills are less than engaging. In fact over all, this one feels like a miss, especially after the cult classic nature of Zombie which I finally watched.

The music, acting, and story are all sub-par on this one, and I would recommend giving this one a complete miss unless you’re wanting to see how not to make a zombie movie. The pacing, camera work, none of it, this is just one big mess.

But hey, like I said before, they can’t all be winners, and they all won’t be, but hey, I also know that there are some true zombie classics coming up, and there will be all manner of shuffling, murderous and bloody zombies that will hopefully banish this film from my memory.

Still, my film education continues, as I delve deeper into the horror genre with DK Books’ Monsters in the Movies, and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Pick one up tonight, and find something macabre to watch!!




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