War of the Worlds (1990) – Synthetic Love, and The Defector

The morthren are still up to no good, as the War of the Worlds continues. Synthetic Love first aired on 15 January, 1990 and was written by Nancy Ann Miller.

The episode sees the aliens developing a new drug to enslave humanity, from our own brain tissue!

We see that narcotics have been legalized all controlled by the government and big business, but that doesn’t change the type of clientele who comes looking for it, and the morthren want to reach more, and are pairing up with big pharma corps to make it happen.

Kincaid (Adrian Paul) finds himself caught up in things, when he tries to get a friend of his cleaned out.

Malzor (Denis Forest) seems at ease dealing with the big pharmaceutical companies, and despite some minor concerns, the owners seem to have no real problem selling out for a higher profit share (but what happens when the morthren betray them as they no doubt will?).

Harrison (Jared Martin) shows up almost halfway through the episode to give Kincaid a hand, and with Harrison’s science background, he may be able to figure out what is going on, especially when Suzanne (Lynda Mason Green) digs into it.

But times are definitely tough all over, and the world, is definitely a different place in the change of a season. This is so much darker, and though while no one may believe aliens are behind the current state of affairs, things are definitely not status quo.

And with a country that not uses (and abuses) legal narcotics, do our heroes even have a chance to stop this new assault?


The Defector is yet another Kincaid story, as he finds himself pairing up with an alien scientist, Kemo (Charles McCaughan) in this episode written by Sandra Berg and Judith Berg. It first aired on 22 January, 1990.

Kemo has been working on a new devastating weapon for his fellow morthren, but when the computer system accidentally backfires two things happen, he is suddenly able to understand, and emulate human emotions, and he’s been ordered to be executed for his failure.

He escapes, and soon finds himself alongside Kincaid, and the pair decide to destroy the weapon before it can be used.

There’s a fun moment, on retrospect, watching their voice diction messaging system, and realizing how revolutionary it must have looked at the time, but now seems like such a dated concept, and the fact that they have to hit a number of keys to send the message.

Kincaid is stunned to learn he can like an alien (even though he’s now inflicted with human feelings) and that gives the aliens a bit of new depth.

But will that be explored again, or will the battle just rage on unabated?

We’ll find out next week when I continue my exploration of War of the Worlds: The Complete Series on DVD from Paramount Canada.


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