Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1998) – The Reckoning, and Valiant

Station log: stardate unknown

David Weddle and Bradley Thompson pen the teleplay for this episode from a story by Harry Werksman and Gabrielle G. Stanton. It debuted on 29 April, 1998.

A 30,000 year old tablet is found on Bajor under the city of B’hala, predicting that the Reckoning – when the planet’s future will be decided.

Sisko (Avery Brooks) is caught up in the middle of it as his role as Emissary is once again questioned, even as he interacts with the Prophets of the Bajoran religion, Hanging in the balance is Bajor’s entire role in the galaxy.

And of course, that means there will be a visit from Kai Winn (Louise Fletcher) which is going to be a problem for Sisko and his crew. As the tablet is translated, in which the Emissary is addressed, there is a warning that Deep Space Nine could be in the line of fire of what is going to happen… and it all involves some pai-wraiths.

And they are going to cause some serious problems, one that sees the station being evacuated, though Winn refuses as she chooses to serve what she thinks are the prophets, but she may end up being able to save everyone, but she is always seeking the political side, and the way to gain more power.

We also hear more about the ongoing Dominion War and the fact that the Romulans are doing their part, though it may cost the Federation later. We also see the continuing romance between Odo (Rene Auberjonois) and Kira (Nana Visitor).



Station log: stardate 51825.4

Ronald D. Moore pens this Jake (Cirroc Lofton) and Nog (Aron Eisenberg) story that first aired on 6 May, 1998.

The pair are planning on visiting Ferenginar when their runabout comes under attack by the Jem’Hadar. They are rescued by a Defiant-class ship, the Valiant, commanded by a crew the same age they are.

And they are in over their head. They’ve been at war since the beginning, fighting as part of Red Squad. They’ve all been given battlefield commissions (something that they offer to Nog as well) as the Valiant’s crew was killed off in combat. The young crew has been out there for some time, and now seem on edge, and terrifyingly young to be fighting a war.

Nog is alternately shocked and delighted by the things that are happening on the ship, especially when he finds himself the Chief Engineer. Jake, however, has different thoughts about it, and also a helluva story.

And all the while, the young captain, Tim Watters (Paul Popwich) seems to be suffering from the stress, and the burden of command – but is focused on his mission… destroy the Jem’Hadar ship their ship was originally ordered to find.

I quite like this episode, there’s some flag waving, even as these children march towards certain death, and while Nog makes the argument about being part of something larger than oneself, there is also something to be said for experience and knowledge to temper the brashness of youth… and child soldiers.

The Human Adventure continues next week with Star Trek: Deep Space Nine – The Complete Series on DVD from Paramount Pictures.

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