War of the Worlds (1989) – Epiphany, and Among the Philistines

The war continues this week as humans and morthren clash over possession of planet Earth. First up is Epiphany. Written by Greg Strangis, series creator and show runner, this episode first debuted on 2 January, 1989.

There is a summit occurring between the U.S. and Russia and the aliens have a plot to cause a nuclear attack, which will plunge the planet into war, wiping out all of humanity, and leaving the planet for the morthren.

Blackwood (Jared Martin), Suzanne (Lynda Mason Green), Norton (Philip Akin) and Ironhorse (Paul Chaves) need to find a way to stop them… and the entire planet is hanging in the balance.

Obviously this one is going to come down as a bit of a victory for our side, as a nuclear war does not erupt.

The episode does boast a couple of pretty big guest stars with Patrick Macnee starring as a member of the KGB, monitoring the Russian delegation which includes an old flame of Blackwood’s played by Deborah Wakeham – which causes some stress between him and Ironhorse.

So as the episode plays out, not only do our heroes have to worry about East-West relations, but the alien threat as well.

But perhaps our heroes can find a little detente with the Russians, and work to stop a nuclear bomb from going off and plunging the world into a nuclear holocaust. So looks like we can call this episode a win for our heroes.


Among the Philistines was written by Patrick Barry, and debuted on 9 January, 1989. Trouble arises for the Blackwood team when a linguist, Adrian Bouchard (Cedric Smith), begins to work on deciphering the alien transmissions.

With something new to focus on, Blackwood is a little more focused as an incident involving the aliens at the top of the episode throws him, and causes a bit of a depressive streak, one that Ironhorse can relate to. The colonel says he understands, and shares some secrets from his past.

Bouchard is welcomed into the safe house that the Blackwood team is using as they realize that Bouchard is actually able to figure out their messages. He is given a crash course on the aliens.

It’s just too bad that the new dog at the safe house doesn’t care for the linguist… I wonder what that could mean?

This is the first time we hear the mention of the planet Mortax (replacing Mars – or perhaps that’s just their name for it). We also get to see a bit of daily life in the safe house/compound, all while the viewer’s suspicion of Bouchard climbs. It makes a perfect counterpoint to the opening sequence in which our heroes tried to trap the aliens. Should we be surprised that they would try the same?

The battle for the planet continues next week as War of the Worlds: The Complete Series on DVD from Paramount Pictures takes over my television screen…



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