Star Trek: Voyager (1997) – Scorpion Part II, and The Gift

Captain’s log: stardate 51003.7

Brannon Braga and Joe Menosky pen the season opener that sees the Voyager crew making a deal with the devil, i.e. the Borg, for safe passage through their space, in exchange for information on how to stop Species 8472.

First broadcast on 3 September, 1997, it also sees the introduction of a new crew member, the Borg drone, Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan) – whose real name, we learn is Annika.

It’s a brisk, well-paced season opener and it gives Kate Mulgrew’s Captain Janeway a chance to shine as she and her crew confront not only the threat of the Borg, and the new alien…

While Janeway and Tuvok (Tim Russ) work aboard the Borg cube, Kes (Jennifer Lien) is suffering from a telepathic connection to 8472, and Chakotay (Robert Beltran) begins to wonder about Janeway being impaired and under duress while working with Starfleet’s deadliest enemy.

When they are attacked by 8472 a group of Borg beam aboard and establish themselves in cargo bay two. It;s cool seeing the crew deal with the Borg while Janeway is off the board, unconscious in Sick Bay. Chakotay wants to honor the original bargain, but the Borg wan to alter the deal.

We learn that is was the Borg that started the conflict with Species 8472, when they entered fluidic space, 8472’s origin point. And the Voyager finds herself in the middle of a war…

Janeway has a plan to deal with the Borg should they attempt to renege on the deal, and Chakotay is key, despite their differences. It’s a fantastic episode.

So here we are four seasons in, a new character has been introduced, one is readying to leave, and the characters are very well established now, setting us up for what may be the strongest season yet.


Captain’s log: stardate 51008

Joe Menosky pens this episode that explores Kes’s developing telepathic ability, which is growing exponentially, and leading to a life-changing decision, and Seven of Nine learning how to deal with her individuality now that she is no longer connected to the Collective.

The episode first aired on 10 September, 1997, and continues thrusting the Voyager, and its crew towards home, while continuing to explore the human condition .

Seven takes the first steps in this episode in becoming part of the crew, while Kes, after four years of travel, elects to depart the Voyager after a fashion.

The Doctor (Robert Picardo) sees over Seven’s transformation, as her human cells begin to reassert themselves, rejecting the Borg implants. She is in a horrific state but the crew, especially Janeway is determined to foster her, and take responsibility for her, seeing it was their actions that caused her to be separated from the Borg.

Every one gets their moments in this episode, and Kes gets to say goodbye. Neelix (Ethan Phillips) is, of course, sad to see her go, but he is very much a member of the crew now, and does his duty

As a last gift to the crew, Kes uses her ability to move the Voyager ten years closer to home, and clear of Borg space.

The Human Adventure continues next week as the Voyager continues its journey homeward, and I explore The Complete Series on DVD. Boldly go…



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