Miami Vice (1988) – Badge of Dishonor, and Blood & Roses

Crockett (Don Johnson) and Tubbs (Philip Micheal Thomas) go after a group of cops that are robbing and murdering drug dealers in Badge of Dishonor and a homeless woman, Montana (Michele Shay) may be the key to trapping them. But she may not be all that she seems to be… just like the cops who are committing these murders.

Written by Micheal Duggan and Peter Lance from a story by Dick Wolf, this episode first debuted on 18 March, 1988.

There’s a bit of a bothersome moment in the opening sequence when Julio Oscar Mechoso shows up as a dealer. The last time we saw him was back in season one, when he played an electronics expert for Metro-Dade police. Still he’s only in it for a few minutes, and I guess casting figured no one would notice. The same could be said about Shay who previously appeared in the episode Theresa.

I like the way this one is shot, there’s a bit of a transition from music video to a cinematic look, and the story works pretty well. There are questions of ethics, undercover work, and where the thin blue line is. It also touches on our commitment or lack thereof to those more unfortunate in society.

A solid episode that makes one almost forget the  shoddier episodes of the season.

The music featured in this episode includes Glory! Glory! by Underworld, and the Payolas’ Eyes of a Stranger.


Blood & Roses written by Robert Palm from a story by Dick Wolf, first aired on 1 April, 1988. This episode outs Gina (Saundra Santiago) center stage as Frank Mosca (Stanley Tucci), last seen in Contmpt of Court, returns, and has his eyes on her.

Crockett and Tubbs are working on the drug angle, while Gina gets closer to Mosca. This is the second time Gina has found herself in this situation, one that ends up putting her into a position where she has to have sex with Mosca (though the way it is portrayed it is definitely sexual assault). Things play out darkly and ends as violently as the series has come to make us expect.

There’s a bit of an undercurrent between her and Crockett, which is a callback to their prior relationship, and makes one wonder how things are going with Caitlin (Sheena Easton). But I suppose you can chart it up to two friends who care about one another.

Micheal Wincott guest stars as the devious looking Willy Cook, Meg Foster shows up as attorney Alice Carson and Frank Stallone as one of Mosca’s thugs.

Music for this episode features Sweetest Smile by Black, Tommy Shaw’s Dangerous Game, and Winners & Losers by Iggy Pop.

The streets continue to need cleaning up and I go on the ride along as season four prepares to draw to a close next week with the penultimate episodes of the season.


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