Silver Bullet (1985) – Daniel Attias

The next werewolf title to come along in DK Canada’s Monsters in the Movies is an adaptation of Stephen King’s Cycle of the Werewolf starring Corey Haim, Megan Follows and Gary Busey.

This one hasn’t stood up well to my nostalgia, but on reflection, if you have someone (a younger viewer) that you want to introduce to werewolf movies, this may be the one. Especially if they don’t like black and white movies. This could be seen as Baby’s First Werewolf.

You know it’s safe, because the two of the leads are kids (and one of them is stuck in a wheelchair) and you know no matter what happens they aren’t going to kill off a kid.

I do like the story, a young wheelchair bound boy, Marty (Haim), who loves fireworks, and his Uncle Red (Busey) and doesn’t always get along with his sister, Jane (Follows) is convinced that there is a werewolf stalking the town. It appears with the full moon each lunar cycle, and it knows that Marty knows…

I like the reveal of who the lycanthrope is, and there’s a truly nightmarish dream sequence featuring the entire church-going town transforming into werewolves that has stayed with me since I first saw this film.


This is one of the horror films that I did discover upon its release (unlike coming to most of the classics when I was in university in the early 90s), and one I enjoyed greatly.

Time hasn’t been extremely kind to it, but it is a wonderful introduction for some viewers into the world of Stephen King. I will say that the werewolf doesn’t look terrible, there are some cool ideas at work, while honoring the mythology of the creature, and the source material.

I always liked this one. I liked the cast, and even before I knew Everett McGill for his turn in Twin Peaks, there was something about this actor that I quite liked. And of course, rounding out the cast with Terry O’Quinn, is an amazing thing as well.

It’s not quite as good as it could have been, but this is something that I find usually happens with King adaptations… they lose something in the translation. Still, it’s a great introduction to the author’s cinematic works.

And who doesn’t like a good werewolf movie?

Amazingly enough, we are coming up on the end of the werewolf chapter and are preparing to explore other dark corners of the horror realm. Why don’t you join me, and pick up a copy of DK Books’ Monsters in the Movies and find something macabre to watch this evening?



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