Star Trek: Voyager (1997) – Fair Trade, and Alter Ego

Captain’s log: stardate unknown

Andre Bormanis pens the teleplay for this episode from a story by Ronald Wilkerson and Jean Louis Matthias. This Neelix (Ethan Phillips) heavy episode first debuted on 8 January, 1997.

As the Voyager begins to close on a region of space that Neelix is unfamiliar with, he turns to the aid of a less than reputable friend, Wixiban or Wix (James Nardini).

As things develop, we realize there is some serious history between the two characters, and Neeliz’s standing with the crew may be at risk as Wix wants something from him, and if he doesn’t get, his truth about Neelix may come out.

This all serves as a counterpoint to the opening of the episode that sees Neelix trying to find someway to contribute more to the ship and its crew. He wants to be part of the family and contribute, but has yet to find what he feels is a meaningful way to do so.

The episode is all about Neelix finding his place on the ship, and his commitment to it, even if he can no longer necessarily serve as the ship’s guide. This ends up being a wonderful story for Neelix, and ends up being a bit dark, mysterious, and also sees Neelix put into some troubling positions as we realize he wasn’t always as he is now.

The episode gives a bit of an introduction of a supporting character, Vorik (Alexander Enberg), a vulcan, who will become a little more important in a few episodes.


Captain’s log: stardate 50460.3

Joe Menosky pens this episode that Robert Picardo directed. It first aired on 15 January, 1997.

Harry (Garrett Wang) seeks some aid from Tuvok (Tim Russ) when the young ensign seems to be developing some feelings for one of the holograms on the holodeck, Marayna (Sandra Nelson).

Tuvok is dubious, but begins to investigate, and is troubled to discover that she is having an emotional influence over him as well. This causes some conflict between the Security Chief and the young bridge officer, but that won’t stop Tuvok from trying to discover what is really going on.

Soon it is discovered that an alien has found a way to interact and contact other species through their computers, and while Marayna may not be real, the intention and inquiry behind her maybe. Tuvok investigates, and the story is resolved with both Harry and Tuvok swearing off interactions with women while they engage in some Vulcan past time – kal-toh (which seems to be a cross between chess and jenga).

The human adventure continues next week as I continue to serve with the crew of Deep Space Nine, and journey homeward with Voyager as I explore The Complete Series of both Star Trek series on DVD. They are both available on DVD now from Paramount Canada.

Boldly go…



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