Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (1996) – The Ascent, and Rapture

Station log: stardate unknown

Ira Steven Behr and Robert Hewitt Wolfe pen The Ascent which first aired on 25 November, 1996. Three days after Star Trek: First Contact opened in theaters.

Quark (Armin Shimerman) and Odo (Rene Auberjonois) have to wok together, setting aside their differences when they crash land, and must climb a mountain to signal for help. That makes for some fun moments, because the two of them aren’t often paired for stories, they usually have an adversarial moment, and then the story moves on, this time, they are the story.

The b-story follows Jake (Cirroc Lofton) and Nog (Aron Eisenberg), who is returning from Starfleet Academy to serve in a training capacity on the station, as the pair share an apartment together, and find out that despite their friendship, their differences, and sharing a living space makes things tough on both of them.

There is some nice location work with Quark and Odo as they travel through the wilderness.

And in the end both stories seem to be about relationships, change, growth, and understanding, in their way. And it’s so much fun watching these two pairs interact. This episode is important for Nog, especially, because it demonstrates truly how much the young Ferengi has changed and grown since we were first introduced to him.

His uncle and Odo, provide us with some good fun… and this episode serves as a breather from the continuing Dominion arc.


Station log: stardate unknown

Hans Beimler pens this Sisko (Avery Brooks) episode from a story by L.J. Strom, and it first aired on 30 December, 1996, which apparently gave Starfleet lots of time between episodes to get their new uniforms (as introduced in First Contact) out to the station.

Captain Sisko is having a number of visions, visions that may be from the Prophets showing him how he can best help Bajor. The planet is on the eve of joining the Federation and the station captain has, thanks to these potentially fatal visions, discovered the lost city of B’hala.

As Sisko’s life comes under more and more risk from these visions he will have to choose between life and faith. It’s a strong episode, and Sisko’s choices are believable and well-realized.

There’s some nice moments in the episode, some that, to me, feel like nods to Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

In terms of continuity, not only are the new uniforms introduced, but Kassidy Yates (Penny Johnson Jerald) returns to the station after serving her time for aiding the Maquis.

The Human Adventure continues Thursday with another installment of Voyager, and then next week as I explore Deep Space Nine: The Complete Series on DVD, now available from Paramount Pictures.

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