V – The Series (1985) – The Hero, and The Betryal

Carleton Eastlake pens this episode that first debuted on 11 January, 1985.

Nathan Bates (Lane Smith) has created a new police force to keep the open city of Los Angeles safe, but more importantly to keep the Resistance under control. When they seize a group of rebels including Robin (Blair Tefkin), a deadly plan is put into play by the nefarious CEO of Science Frontiers.

He plans to hand over one member of the Resistance to Diana (Jane Badler) and the Visitors on a daily basis for public execution if Tyler (Micheal Ironside), Donovan (Marc Singer) and Julie (Faye Grant) and the rest don’t turn themselves in.

Our heroes come up with a plan, but it’s not going to be without a price, especially for Elias (Micheal Wright).

Meanwhile, to stir up anger against the Resistance, the Visitors are sending some of their own undercover as freedom fighters to stir up trouble and to appear as a threat to everyone, not just the alien invasion.

You know, with a little bit of a tighter story, and some sharper editing, this one could have been a really stellar episode. But things are just left, including the Visitors posing as Resistance, and Elizabeth’s (Jennifer Cooke) developing powers.

Bruce Davison makes a guest appearance, which is a semi-recurring role, as a journalist with an interest in Robin, all while the gang all comes to put paid to the execution when things get tense.

It could have been just a bit sharper. And there is so much melodrama! It’s almost a little silly (and by a little, I mean a lot).


The Betrayal was written by Mark Rosner and first debuted on 18 January, 1985.

Willie (Robert Englund) is gravely wounded, and even Julie’s abilities may not be enough to treat the wounded Visitor, so they kidnap an alien med student to see to him. Meanwhile, with Bates still in a coma, Charles (Duncan Regehr) has a plot to overthrow the CEO and assume control of Los Angeles, and extinguishing the hidden Resistance.

As the plot unfurls, we learn a little but more about Davison’s John Langley, and surprise, he is not what he seems to be. And Diana’s plan for him is a bit moronic, why wouldn’t they just attempt a mating program with another woman?

The story, and series continues to unfurl, descending deeper into an almost soap opera level of melodrama, the sets become increasingly shoddy looking, and the visual effects getting recycled over and over again is really taking a toll on the series.

This episode also marks the departure of two more characters from the series, specifically Tefkin’s Robin, Mr, Chaing (Aki Aleong) and more upsetting, Ironside’s Tyler.

With Tyler gone, how am I ever going to get through the rest of the series? Well, there’s only seven more episodes…




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