Miami Vice (1987) – Theresa, and The Afternoon Plane

Helena Bonham Carter (twenty at the time) who made a brief appearance in last week’s episode comes to the fore in this story, named after her character. Written by Pamela Norris, Theresa first aired on 13 February, 1987.

It seems things are getting serious for vice detective Sonny Crockett (Don Johnson) and his girlfriend, Theresa. But is seems she has a secret he doesn’t know. She’s an addict, and her dealer, ho Sonny is intent on busting uses it against him.

Brad Dourif makes a welcome appearance as Joey Wyatt, who is a dealer that Crockett and Tubbs (Philip Micheal Thomas) bust in the opening sequence.

Her main supplier, Rudy (Calvin Levels) is well aware of Crockett’s employment (Tubbs apparently busted him early in the series – off-screen) – and works with Wyatt. , and is willing to coerce her into getting information about the vice department from her.

It causes enough problems for Crockett that Internal Affairs begins an investigation into him (again).

It’s interesting that this is the first woman that has come along that Crockett has thought about proposing to.

Music for this episode includes Propaganda’s Jewel, and Wasteland by The Mission UK.

Richard Chaves makes an appearance as a prosecutor and famed saxophone player Timmy Cappello plays one of Wyatt’s thugs – he was the main horn on We Don’t Need Another Hero, and would be instantly recognizable to anyone who has seen The Lost Boys.

It’s a solid story, and if they had slowly introduced Theresa earlier in the season to make it have more of an impact, this one could have been a fantastic episode. They’ll have to settle for great instead.


The Afternoon Plane was written and directed by David Jackson and sees the return of Orlando Calderone (John Leguizamo) who is out for revenge on Tubbs, and is apparently willing to go to extremes to do it.

Tubbs wins an all expenses paid vacation for he and his current lady love, Alice (Maria McDonald), but once they get there, it doesn’t take long to figure out that it’s all a ploy set up by Calderone.

And the dealer will be coming in on the next flight to take Tubbs out once and for all. With no help to be had from the local island authorities Tubbs is going to have take on all comers.

And maybe by the end of the episode, Tubbs will finally be able to put paid to Calderone and all the grief the drug dealer has caused Tubbs over the course of the series.

The episode, along with featuring Jan Hammer’s iconic sound, also includes the song We Touch by Loz Netto.

It also features Vincent D’Onofrio!

The hip and cool 80s investigations continue next week when I patrol the glamorous but dirty streets of Miami Vice.


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