Fallout 76 Official Guide (2018) – David S.J. Hodgson and Garitt Rocha

Open world gaming has never been my thing. I tend to like my games more linear with a set progression, but I’m slowly shedding that thought as I dive into more and more games (when time affords it, life does get in the way). I’ve enjoyed Red Dead Redemption, and L.A. Noire, I’ve yet to play any of the Fallout games, but when I settle in to one, I think a book like DK Canada’s guide to Fallout 76 will be very helpful.

Densely packed with material, the game is broken down bit by bit by the book to let you find all the bonuses, to discover all the locations, characters, playables, and equipment.

As you come across missions, with the book close at hand, you can peruse maps, it helps you with the building and crafting of items, and also gives you extra help for some of the new multiplayer aspects of the game.

This book is not for the neophytes. This is a book to aid the players who don’t see Fallout 76 as a game but something to be completely investigated, conquered, won, and all the awards, recognition, armor, weapons gathered in their continued sojourn through the gaming realm.


The iconic Vault Boy is everywhere in this book with helpful hints, fun descriptions, and tons of knowledge and advice to complete each level of the game.

This is a thick book, loaded with information, mountains of text, and insightful maps, diagrams, and breakdowns. In fact, it may be offputting for some gamers to have to delve into something like this to get the most out of their game, but honestly, it rather interests me. Sure, it means taking your time playing the game, following hints, directions, guides, and doing everything that is laid out before you to get through it all.

Even with the this guide, there are still so many paths through the game, so many different choices that the game could be different every time you play it. Not only that, it also gives you some helpful ideas when it comes to the mulitplayer interactions.

Fallout 76 has received some mixed reviews since its release but there will be completionists who have to play it, there will be gamers who enjoy it no matter what some reviews say, and a book like this will help those players to get the most out of the game.

DK Books Falllout 76 Official Guide is available now for the gamers on your holiday list, as is the game, on PS4, Xbox One and PC.




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