Fearless and Fantastic! (2018) – Sam Maggs, Ruth Amos, and Emma Grange

With Captain Marvel waiting in the wings, the timing for DK Canada’s latest super hero book Fearless and Fantastic! Female Super Heroes Save the World couldn’t be more perfect.

More reference than guide book, the handy little tome gives us profiles of the well-known, and some of the lesser known, female super heroes that populate the Marvel universe.

The book is broken into four sections, characteristics that best represent the heroes in that chapter, and each super hero gets their own portrait (featuring some fantastic comic book art incorporated into the book’s pages), a defining quote, and a rundown on their abilities, some of their adventures, and their allies.

The authors make their subject material accessible, interesting and fun, and the art that has been selected for each of the characters is beautiful.


A book like this is long overdue, I’ve always enjoyed my super heroes, and I’ve never worried what gender they were (I’ve crushed on Supergirl and Wonder Woman since I first came across them in the 70s), but for some reason a lot of female heroes have been pushed to the side to highlight the male ones. They are finally starting to get some of the recognition they deserve and a book like this is the perfect beginning step.

The thing I love most about the book, besides the beautiful art and profiles, is the way the book is broken into sections that are composed of traits, not powers. There is Determined, Daring, Compassionate, and Curious, all of which the reader can discover in themselves, and then learn they too can be heroes.

That is a powerful message, and something in keeping with comic books when they were first originated. Readers then, and now, read comic books and see themselves in the role of the hero, and when it’s show to them, as this book does, that similarities exist between them and those they want to be like, that is so empowering.

This is a book for all aspiring super heroes, no matter gender or color. It shows that all of us can be heroes in our own way as long as we remain fearless and stand for what is right.

DK Books’ Fearless and Fantastic! Female Super Heroes Save the World is available on the 18th of December, and makes the perfect holiday gift for any comic book fan, or anyone else who needs a little heroic inspiration.

I know who’s getting one on my list, who is getting one on yours?



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