Space: 1999 (1977) – Dorzak, and Devil’s Planet

Here we are in the penultimate week of my Space: 1999 reviews, which means including this review, there are four episodes left in the series. Having said that I don’t expect much of a tie up for the last episode.

Dorzak is the first episode up this week (though the continuity is still a bit of a mess with the number of days since Alpha has left orbit). Written by Christopher Penfold, this story first debuted on 25 August, 1977.

An advanced ship lands on Alpha, while Koenig (Martin Landau) is investigating possible resettlement sites, leaving Tony (Tony Anholt) in charge. With Helena (Barbara Bain), Alan (Nick Tate) and Maya (Catherine Schell) at his side, he agrees to take on the ship’s wounded.

At the mention of a criminal being held on board, things get tense, but Maya recognizes him as Dorzak (Lee Montague) a survivor from her homeworld of Pyschon. She claims the man is a poet, and isn’t possible of the crimes attributed to him, least of all murder. And we are bound to side with her, especially after the visitors attack her on sight.

The leader of the ship, Sahala (Jill Townsend) tells her story, and whether it can be believed or not, she is convinced her version is correct, but her actions constantly speak against her. In spite of all that Alan is falling for her, but his loyalty will always be to the rest of Alpha first.

But, after all this, what if she’s right?

Tony and the rest will have to deal with Dorzak… and it’ll probably all be taken care of before Koenig gets back.


Devil’s Planet must have been where Koenig was during the events of the previous episode (although the days from Earth orbit count doesn’t support that theory). Written by Micheal Winder, this one first aired on 1 September, 1977.

Koenig has taken an eagle to investigate a pair of spatial bodies, the planet Ellna, and its moon Etra. When he answers a distress signal from the moon, he lands only to discover that Etra is a penal colony, and he can now count himself amongst the prisoners of the lovely, Elizia (Hildegard Neil).

Elizia and her all female cadre or prison guards may be keeping a dark secret, as it has been quite some time since new prisoners have arrived, and they’ve heard nothing of prisoners who have left. Nor have they had word from their loved ones.

Koenig has to find a way not only to escape from the prison, or be rescued by the Alphans, and perhaps show these people what is wrong with their system, and maybe find a way to fix it.

Next week I take my final adventure with the denizens of moonbase alpha as I travel, one last time, to Space: 1999.


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