Star Trek: Voyager (1995) -Parturition, and Persistence of Vision

Captain’s log: stardate 49068.5

Jonathan Frakes directs this episode that was written by Tom Szollosi that first aired on 9 October, 1995.

This episode sees the Tom Paris (Robert Duncan McNeill) – Kes (Jennifer Lien) – Neelix (Ethan Phillips) triangle finally dealt with and put to rest. Tom begins to realize he has feelings for Kes more than those of friendship.

Neelix is, of course, understandably upset, and it seems like a prime moment to put the two characters together so that they can get it sorted. Oh joy.

The pair find themselves assigned to a mission to the aptly named, Planet Hell (also an in joke because that was what they referred to the set as) that is slightly out of Voyager’s way, but a necessary stop because supplies are starting to dwindle.

While there they are forced by circumstances to work out their squabble, and have to deal with a newly hatched alien baby that falls into their care.

The Doctor (Robert Picardo) points out that it’s obvious Paris cares for her, and she is adamant about her feelings for Neelix. All of this is heightened when the pair go missing during their mission.

I am glad to get this episode behind me, because I was really growing tired of the romantic triangle melodrama. While I recognize that the writers are still trying to see where the characters are going and what the actors chemistry brings to the series, this relationship thing wasn’t the best call and I’m glad it’s over with.


Captain’s log: stardate unknown

Jeri Taylor pens this episode that debuted on 30 October, 1995. It sees the Voyager experiencing hallucinations of a terrifying and troubling nature.

The starship has entered a new region of space on their continuing journey home, and it seems to be having an effect on the Captain Janeway (Kate Mulgrew) as she sees the characters from her holonovel come to life around her.

I like this episode for the fact that it shows the pressure of command starting to wear on her as she is testy with her crew… until the Doctor orders her to the holodeck for some relaxation. And from there the story takes a turn for the dark as the hallucinations that begin to infect the ship become violent.

Carolyn Seymour returns as Mrs. Templeton the housekeeper from the gothic holonovel Janeway is involved in.

The Captain takes herself off duty, resigning herself to the Doctor’s care. Kes, however, can also see the hallucinations that are plaguing the captain and begins to suspect that something more is going on. Is it connected to the alien race they are about to encounter as they travel through their space, or is something else?

The Human Adventure continues next week as I travel with Voyager, and work with the crew of Deep Space Nine as I explore The Complete Series for both Trek shows. Each are available now on DVD from Paramount Pictures.



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