Space: 1999 (1976) -Catacombs of the Moon, and Space Warp

Apparently evangelicals (of a sort) continue to exist in space when they rear their head in this episode of Space: 1999 written by Anthony Terpiloff. It first aired on 25 November, 1976.

Patrick Osgood (James Laurenson), one of the engineers on Alpha, is looking for teranium in the depths of the moon. Just a few grains would help coat the device being constructed for his ailing wife,Michelle (Pamela Stephenson), a new heart.

His mind is filled with visions of a fireball engulfing Alpha, and destroying everything, and he is determined to save his wife. His faith is his guide, and he is determined to follow it.

When the fireball does appear, Commander Koenig (Martin Landau) has the problem of trying to deal with the Osgood problem, and the potential of fiery death.

Russell (Barbara Bain), meanwhile, attempts to craft a suitable replacement for Michelle, and Tony (Tony Arnholt) tries to keep tempers under control as the heat on Alpha keeps rising.

There was some potential in this episode, the idea of faith versus science, the reality of the visions, there were a lot of things to look at that could have made this one a smart, well-crafted tale, but instead it comes across as loose and poorly plotted.

Of course, everything turns out well by the end of the episode, and there is only a hint about Patrick’s faith, and whether or not it was spirituality or science.


Space Warp was written by Charles Woodgrave and it first aired on 2 December, 1976.

It’s been 1807 days since earth broke orbit, that’s almost five years, and Alpha has detected a strange, derelict (?) spacecraft close by. Koenig and Tony take Eagle One to investigate. Back on Alpha, Maya (Catherine Schell) is ill, suffering from a fever that causes her shapeshifting ability to run amok.

When Russell attempts to summon Koenig back, Alpha and the Eagle are caught up in a space warp.. leaving them both (more) lost in space.

Maya goes on a rampage as some strange alien creature, seeking only to escape from Alpha. Russell and Alan (Nick Tate) do their best to keep the trouble contained, but the Eagle bay is damaged, and trouble seems to be the order of the day for the Moonbase.

Back on Eagle One, the heroic duo of Koenig and Tony are trying to find a way to get back to Alpha, but have no idea which way to go, but perhaps the derelict spacecraft will have answers… and happily they’ll be in English.

Would it surprise you to learn that everything turns out okay in the end? Of course it does, and despite the damages to Moonbase things carry on as per usual next week.

Having said that, I like the idea of rebooting this series in a more serialized way… That would be something.

Next week, the moon continues its travels through eternity with Space: 1999!





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