Marvel Studios: Visual Dictionary (2018) – Adam Bray

Hitting book shelves next week from DK Canada is the Marvel Studios: Visual Dictionary that takes us into all the minutiae and details that the casual viewer may never notice in Marvel films, and things that fans have kept an eye out for since the Iron Man first launched in 2008.

Adam Bray who has guided readers through both Marvel and Star Wars universes takes us through the layers that make the Marvel Cinematic Universe so densely packed, highlighting details and Easter eggs.

Over the course of two hundred glossy pages, Bray guides us through photos of uniforms, weapons, people, ships, ever nook and cranny of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The only thing at fault in the book, due to copyright constraints and not to the author’s work,  is the lack of info on Spider-man, every other character is given their due to be examined and perused at the reader’s delight and leisure, but Spidey is sadly lacking.


There’s a look at a variety of Iron Man suits, how Cap’s outfits have changed and been modified, and a look at the amazing technology of Wakanda. The book visits both characters and events, walking us through the mass of films that have accumulated in only ten years. The loving attention to detail and the playful sense of humor that is part of Bray’s text, which is reflected in the tapestry of the MCU itself, serves to make this Visual Dictionary a prized possession, to be kept close at hand when revisiting your favorite films from the Marvel Universe.

It also hints and explains the powers of the Infinity Stones (which can help add to your own personal theories about how Avengers 4 is going to play out), as well as cool things like the Cloak of Levitation, Pym Particles, the growth (and pruning?) of Groot, the multiverse, and oh so much more.

From a behind the scenes perspective, this book allows for a wonderful look at costumes and props designed for the film, with the realization that even as they were being created, they had to be made with a purpose and sense of history in mind, because fans have come to believe in the reality of the MCU, and it is that attention to detail, and design that helps make it so.

So while Captain Marvel is still some six months away (but wow that trailer), this tome serves as the perfect opportunity to expand, and refine knowledge of the MCU, see how it all fits together, and glance towards the future and what is to come – and maybe wonder if Howard the Duck was able to escape The Collector before Thanos showed up…

DK Books continues to set the gold standard in reference books, making them colorful, easily accessible, enjoyable, and informative for readers and fans of all ages.

The Marvel Studios: Visual Dictionary can be found next week at your favorite book stores!



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