Miami Vice (1984) – Give a Little, Take a Little, and Little Prince

Crockett (Don Johnson) spends time in a cell this week, when he is held in contempt for not identifying one of his informants in a case he’s working on with Tubbs (Philip Micheal Thomas).

Give a Little, Take a Little was written by Chuck Adamson and first debuted on 7 December, 1984.

The cops are after Sally Alvarado (Micheal Madsen) but things are going rough for the vice cops, and Alvarado’s lawyer, Richard Cain (Terry O’Quinn) is causing all manner of issues for them, including getting Crockett locked up.

The story also gives Gina (Saundra Santiago) and Trudy (Olivia Brown) a healthy share of screen time, as they go undercover in a prostitution ring, but they are placed in a compromising position when they begin to suspect that they are cops.

Gina may have to do something to prove who she is when she confronts the head of the ring, Ramirez (Burt Young). It’s a tough scene, because you know how it’s going to play out.

I think it’s a little convenient that both cases kind of tie together, allowing Crockett and the rest to come to Gina’s rescue. But she gets the final moment with Ramirez and its reprecussions, and it’s a well-executed one.

I like this episode, one because it lets other characters share the limelight, and also has a really good story going for it, and shows Crockett’s dedication to his job. It’s an episode that shows that the series really isn’t afraid to go dark when it needs to, and it does it so well.

We finally get a look at Tubbs’ car a Coupe de Ville, Noogy (Charlie Barnett) makes another appearance, and helps out when he learns Crockett protects his sources.

This episode features some Etta James (‘You Want More’), Brian Ray (‘Today’s a Beginning’), and some Tina Turner (‘Better Be Good to Me’).



Little Prince had a teleplay by A.J. Edison, adapted from a story by Joel Surnow and and Wendy Cozen. It first aired on 14 December, 1984.

A spoiled rich kid, Mark Jr. (Mitchell Lichtenstein), gets busted for possession, in a heroin deal, and Crockett and Tubbs feel he could help lead them to a bigger fish.

The episode opens with the bust, being run by Trudy and Gina, with Trudy playing a strung out junkie, and the rest of the team working as their back-up. Mark is caught up in the bust, and the team sees the potential in turning him.

The series continues to be dark, gritty, and cynical even as it makes everything beautiful to look at it, reminding us that beauty is only skin deep, and the seedy underbelly seems to be everywhere.

Mark Jr. gets everything he wants, and lives in the lap of luxury, and of course, poor little rich boy, he hates it, but the real world is creeping in on him, and guess who is involved in the drug business… his own father, Mark Sr. (Paul Roebling).

And with Mark Jr. caught in the middle of everything, how are things going to play out for the family…, for Mark?

Tunes include Tiny Demons by Todd Rundgren, Turn Up the Radio by Autograph, and Relax by Frankie Goes to Hollywood.

Both the episodes this week are strong, smartly written, features great tunes, and the series’ signature look and are fine examples of the series, which is say something considering we are only halfway through the first season!

More next week!!




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