Star Trek: The Next Generation (1994) – Firstborn, and Bloodlines

Captain’s log: stardate 47779.4

Rene Echevarria writes the teleplay for this episode from a story by Mark Kalbfeld and it first aired on 25 April, 1994.

This is a Worf (Micheal Dorn) and Alexander (Brian Bonsall) story that sees the pair attending a Klingon ceremony where Worf is advised to encourage his son to become a warrior.

That may prove difficult as the young boy is very adamant about not going through any of the rites of passage that would lead to his becoming a warrior. The pair travel to a nearby Klingon planet on a father-son trip where the pair soak up some culture.

After an encounter with some assailants, K’mtar (James Sloyan), an adviser to the House of Mogh (Worf’s family) reveals himself, and his mission, to protect Worf and Alexander. He urges Alexander’s training, and also reveals that Lursa (Barbara March) and B’Etor (Gwynyth Walsh) are behind the attacks as part of a political move.

But when they are confronted, a twist comes along that could only happen in science fiction… And with it, a warning from the future.

There are mentions and tie-ins with Deep Space Nine, including an appearance by Quark (Armin Shimerman) further cementing the cohesive Trek-verse.

It’s a story about acceptance, not only in your community, but with yourself, and a parent’s need to accept that their child has their own life that may not be like theirs.


Captain’s log: stardate 47829.1

Waitaminute Captain Picard (Patrick Stewart) has a son!?! We didn’t know that. Apparently neither did he, and now he’s in a race to track him down before the Ferengi led by DaiMon Bok (Lee Arenberg) – last seen in season one’s The Battle trying to seek revenge on Picard for the death of his son – can get to him.

Written by Nicolas Sagan, this episode debuted on 2 May, 1994.

Jason Vigo (Ken Olandt), by name, is the subject of the search. Picard admits that there is a possibility that the boy could be his, and the race is on.

There’s a nice dynamic to Picard and Vigo’s relationship, and Stewart and Olandt are very good together. And watching Picard try to relate to Jason is very recognisable, and once they get the news that they are father and son, watching them try to navigate the new relationship is enjoyable.

Jason is not happy to be trapped on the Enterprise while Bok is out to get him, and there also seems to be something wrong with him.

As the two connect, Crusher (Gates McFadden) delivers some troubling news to the captain, and Bok’s revenge may be complete.

The Human Adventure continues Thursday as I return to Deep Space Nine and tune in for more Star Trek: Voyager set up…


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