Star Wars: Phasma (2017) – Delilah S. Dawson

It’s been awhile since I dived into a Star Wars novel, but I got my hands on Phasma, a novel about one of the new characters introduced in the new Star Wars Trilogy and found myself swept up in the canon tale of who she is, what drives her, and how far she is willing to go.

There is a framing story set up around Phasma’s personal history, a Resistance spy has been captured by the First Order, and is being held, and interrogated by the red armoured Captain Cardinal.

Cardinal is aware of who the Resistance spy, Vi by name, is, and where she has come from, a remote planet named Parnassos. A planet that Phasma escaped from with one of the builders of the First Order, Brendol Hux.

And maybe, just maybe, he was murdered by Phasma.

Cardinal is looking for proof that Phasma is not what she seems, and Vi doles out a story while Cardinal interrogates her about the chrome encased stormtrooper that has become one of the powerful symbols of the First Order.

Dawson crafts a fascinating tale that shows how far Phasma is willing to go to achieve her goals, and to whom, exactly, she is loyal to.


As Vi struggles for her life with Captain Cardinal, we are enmeshed in her tale of Phasma. A tale that sweeps her across the surface of her planet, opening not only her world but the stars beyond.

We see the way Phasma interacts with the members of her tribe, as well as Brendol Hux, and a trio of stormtroopers after they crash land on Parnassos, and she guides them to their lost craft, hungering and clinging to the concept of escaping the confines of her world.

I quite like this one, though it only follows one series of events that shape Phasma. Still, it defines who she is and fills out her character in a way that one didn’t necessarily expect. And, I’ll say this, it definitely makes me look at the character in a new way.

It also makes me regret the way she met her end in The Last Jedi, the deleted scene included on the blu-ray is more in line with the character than the one that made the cut.

Dawson created a great, and very enjoyable read that like the previous novels in the new Star Wars book series expands on characters in the film universe, as well as characters we’ve only heard about. It explores them, events, planets, and things we may have only heard in passing. But each thing layers the universe more and more, and directly impacts you’re screening of the films.

This was a great one, and I hope Dawson writes another one soon.

May the Force be with you.


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