The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones (1992/1993) – Espionage Escapades

Indiana (Sean Patrick Flanery) continues his time in the secret service during the Great War with these two episodes that were combined to form one feature length film.

Barcelona, May 1917

Written by Gavin Scott from a story idea by series creator George Lucas, this first aired as an episode on 12 October, 1992.

Indy is in Spain, where he finds himself working with Marcello (Terry Jones, who also directed the episode), Charles (Charles McKeown) and Cunningham (Timothy Spall) a trio of spies from varies Allied nations.

The group wants to disrupt the tenuous relations in the open city by making it appear as if a Countess (Sussanah Morley) is having an affair with a German Colonel, Schmidt (Kenneth Cranham). To make sure things go well, Indy finds himself working undercover in the Ballet Russes, thanks to his old friend Picasso (Danny Webb).

As a fun nod, at the Colonel’s side is Wolf Kahler, who played Dietrich in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Unfortunately, things go wrong very quickly during a performance that lets this episode delve a little into comedy and slapstick. None of this should come as a surprise knowing who directed this one.

Bumbling mishaps, romantic escapades, stage mistakes, messes, misses, and so much fun. And, of course, revelations about what is really going on!

The stories continue to entertain, the locations are gorgeous, and the casting is always a lot of fun. And then making it all a period piece adds to the beautiful look of the series.


Prague, August 1917

Was an unaired episode of the series from 1993, that was also written by Scott. Drawing influence from Kafka, who appears in this episode, portrayed by Tim McInnerny.

Using the name Amadeus Shooblegrueber, and posing as a salesman of women’s underwear, Indiana travels to Prague.

Told that he is to await an important phone call in a remote apartment in Prague, a phone call that the fate of the world could hang one, Indy is shocked to discover no phone in the apartment.

Working to get a phone reinstalled causes him to descend into a bureaucratic nightmare, with only the help of an insurance officer, Kafka, to help him.   It’s ridiculous, frustrating, and recognisable to anyone who has ever had to deal with a bureaucracy, and the faceless masses who simply pass you onto the next desk, or give you yet another form to fill in.

Both episodes play very lightly, and makes for some laughs, which is good, as we needed a bit of a lark after some of the heavier stories in the past few weeks.

Next week Indy heads to Palestine, to take on the Daredevils of the Desert which features some familiar faces in the guest cast.



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