The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones (1995) – Attack of the Hawkmen

Indiana (Sean Patrick Flanery) takes to the air, and fights behind the lines in the next adventure he finds himself on. This television movie first aired on 8 October, 1995, and follows Indy’s time in Africa.


The script, written by Matthew Jacobs, Rosemary Anne Sisson, and Ben Burtt sees our young hero serving now with the French Secret Service, which serves as a rather large launching point for his next story.

Indy and Remy (Ronny Coutteure) are in France where some paperwork is forged to allow them to become real spies, as Indiana is convinced by his time with Albert Schweitzer to do everything they can to end the war and fight for what they believe is right.

Remy is assigned a position at home in Brussels, separating the two men, while Indy returns to the front to do photographic reconnaissance. There’s a poignant moment when the two men say goodbye to each other. They’ve been through a lot together.

Working with a volunteer American unit, Indy is to take photos over enemy territory. A mission that has a low survival rate.

This portion of the film features some great work with Sopwiths and some nice aerial work, which makes his multiple confrontation with the German ace, Manfred von Richthofen (Marc Warren) better known as the Red Baron, all the more exciting.


Once again, the show gives a mostly realistic look at a portion of the Great War that many people may not have been aware of, or imagined it a little more romantically than it really was.

Indy’s next assignment is to go undercover behind enemy lines and make contact with Dutch aerial designer, Anthony Fokker (Craig Kelly), and hopefully woo him away from the German army.

He’s outfitted by French spy masters, that is humorous, but also shows how innovative spycraft had to be. And for the first time in a long time, since his time in Ireland and England, our hero dons his fedora.

Unfortunately for Indy, Fokker seems less than inclined to leave the German forces and go to work for the French. But while he’s there, Indiana finds the Germans are preparing to unleash a secret weapon, and he may be the only one to stop it.

Even if it means having to face the Red Baron again.

This one is fun, and while it works, you can tell that it would have been split into two separate episodes had the series continued that way.

Still, the films/series continues to entertain, and share history in a fun way.

Next week Indy has Adventures in the Secret Service…



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