Doctor Who (Peter Capaldi) – Time Heist, and The Caretaker

Steven Moffat and Steve Thompson pen this caper episode that first aired on 20 September, 2014.

The Doctor (Capaldi) and Clara (Jenna Coleman) receive a strange phone call and then find  themselves in a highly secure bank with their memories wiped. They are recruited to rob a bank that is supposed to be impregnable.

Will they be able to pull it off before they get captured, will they be able to figure out what is going on, and most important, will Clara make it back in time for her date with Danny Pink (Samuel Anderson)?

The episode while playing strictly within the Who-verse has a wonderful bit of Ocean’s 11 going on. There’s a sense of fun, style and slow motion walking shots. They are hunted by an alien, known as the Teller, who can sense their guilt.

But what happens when the Doctor figures out what is really going on? You know he’s going to set things right.

What starts as a heist story becomes something else, as most Who stories start to do.

The episode is fun, and entertaining, it doesn’t really impact the series arc, but it plays well enough.

It’s also fun to see Keeley Hawes in the role of Ms. Delphox, the manager of the bank. But most of all, I love how gruff, angry, and occasionally mean the Doctor is in this episode. He’s not happy to be there, he doesn’t like how things play, until he figures them out.

There are some very nice ideas in the episode, and I love the look of the Teller. But in the end, it’s not one of my faves of the series so far. I understand Capaldi is still discovering his Doctor, so I’m willing to let him have a little leeway.


The Caretaker was written by Moffat and Gareth Roberts with an original airdate of 27 September, 2914.

The Doctor takes a role as the new caretaker of Coal Hill Secondary School (an iconic location for Who fans) which causes Clara much consternation, and complicates her blossoming relationship with Danny.

The Doctor is using the school as a trap for a Shovox Blitzer which has enough firepower to destroy a number of planets. And probably put a lot of school children in harm’s way.

This is another episode that lets the Time Lord be a little crotchety, an aspect of his character that I quite like, maybe because I find myself relating to it more and more often.

As a side note I love the teaser to the episode, as she tries to balance Doctor and Danny.

There is also an addition to the Promised Land storyline, and it gets new name the Nethersphere… which of course just adds to the mystery. But the dynamic and the heart of the story is the relationship between the Doctor, Clara and Danny, and it’s handled very nicely.

Next week however, they have to decide whether or not they have to Kill the Moon.


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