South Park: The Complete Fifth Season

Swear words on prime time, religions, cults, environmentalism, more religion, revenge and eating your parents (so gross and yet so funny)… Over the course of fourteen episodes the small Colorado town of South Park, Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny deal with fourth grade and all the strange things that go with it.

Featuring individual commentary from creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker, each episode pushes the limits of taste while making you laugh. And there is so much to laugh about as Kenny dies, semi-permanently (?) and new favourite Butters gets an episode all to himself.

The series still remains fresh, and is unafraid to confront any topic and make it funny, even if it makes you uncomfortable at the same time.

Some of the things that occur this season include Cartman getting his own theme park, a look at the career of Canadian television superstars Terrance and Philip, interaction with a sentient towel that wants to get high, and take on Osama Bin Laden as well as dealing with racism.


The animation, while still in the construction paper cut out style seems sharper and much improved – one can see the use of computer work much more prominently, but it doesn’t take away from the series’ style.

Five seasons in, the jokes are brasher, funnier, and the series seems to truly be finding its footing in terms of storytelling, sense of humour, and its expanse of characters.

Over the course of two discs the Comedy Central series finds new life on blu-ray and it entertains endlessly. There is actually a lot to catch in the watching of the series, callbacks, throwaway gags and lines, and layer upon layer of film homages.

The further I get into the series, the more I find myself enjoying it. While the toilet humour is there, the masquerade of satire hiding under it is easier to discern, and that makes the show all the more enjoyable.

Yes some will still find the language (completely uncensored) and situations too crass and foul, but that is what the show is all about, brazenly putting Americana on full display, and then commenting on it.

And while I am a little bummed that my favourite character, Kenny is gone (at least for a season), Butters is a fantastic addition to the animated series, and he has certainly become a breakout character, more so than Timmy, and much funnier.

If you’re a fan of the series, now is the time to pick these episodes up on blu-ray. Paramount has re-released the first eleven seasons, and they look and sound great, and are filled with laughs!

Check it out!


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