Doctor Who (Matt Smith) – A Good Man Goes To War, and Let’s Kill Hitler

Things get serious for the Doctor (Smith) and Rory (Arthur Darvill) as they go to rescue Amy (Karen Gillan) in A Good Man Goes to War! Written by Steven Moffatt, this episode aired on 4 June, 2011.

We learned at the conclusion of last week’s episode that Amy hasn’t been in the TARDIS for quite sometime, and had in fact been replaced by The Flesh, and is being held by the Eye-Patch Lady (Frances Barber) now revealed to be called Madame Kovarian.

It also explains why over the course of the series Amy has been seeing Eye-Patch as well as why the Doctor gets odd readings when he scans her, she reads as both pregnant and not.

Amy is being held in a place known as Demon’s Run. She is pregnant, and everything from there is an amazing ride as the Time Lord goes to rescue his friend, and we learn that everything is about tying to get their hands on Amy’s new child, Melody, and her unique nature.

The episode served as a mid-season finale, and everything is stunning, as we encounter the Headless Monks, the Cybermen, and so many more as the Doctor and Rory prove unstoppable in their pursuit of Amelia Pond.

We get an introduction to a group of my favourite supporting characters, the Silurian Madame Vastra (Neve McIntosh), her assistant, and soon to be wife, Jenny Flint (Catrin Stewart) and the Sontaran nurse, Stax (Dan Starkey).

And of course, River Song (Alex Kingston) plays a huge role in the episode as we finally find out who she is.

The episode is an exciting romp, that just doesn’t let up!


Let’s Kill Hitler was also penned by Moffatt and aired on 27 August, 2011.

We now know that the little girl in the space suit at the beginning of the series was Melody Pond, we also know that she regenerated after those events.

So what happened then?

Well in this story we meet Amy and Rory’s life-long friend Mels (Nina Toussaint-White), who, when the Doctor arrives, commandeers the TARDIS and ends up, accidentally saving Hitler’s (Albert Welling) life. But when Mels is hurt, things really get wacky!

Throw in the Teselecta, a time travelling justice department, who are miniaturised and work inside a robot ship that can change form and things really go for a ride!!

First though, we get a great backstory with the trio of friends, how they’ve been together for ages, and in a bit of a self-fulfilling prophecy, Mels encourages the relationship between Amy and Rory by revealing the fact that Rory has feelings for Amy.

This episode, much like the previous, races along with the Doctor’s life hanging in the balance. Will River Song become who she was meant to be? Will her original indoctrination to kill the Doctor override everything? And how will the Ponds react when they realise who River is and what that means about their relationship with the Doctor?

And as an extra bonus, the Doctor gets a new coat!

Next time, we take on spooky dolls in Night Terrors!


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