Doctor Who (David Tennant) – Fear Her and Army of Ghosts

The Doctor (Tennant) and Rose (Billie Piper) find themselves in a rather unusual adventure during the 2012 Olympics.

Fear Her was written by Matthew Graham and first aired on 24 June, 2006.

Arriving in an English neighbourhood, the Doctor realises something strange is going on, when children seem to be disappearing up and down the street.  At the heart of the mystery is a young girl, Chloe (Abisola Agbaje) and her art.

The further the Time Lord and his Companion investigate, the more attention they draw to themselves, and the true power behind Chloe and her art is revealed.

It seems she’s had a troubled childhood, a single parent home, and the memory of her father causing her much consternation, in fact, it’s suggested he may have abused her. The thing using and living through Chloe knows this.

The Doctor realises the culprit is an Isolsus pod, but before he can do anything about it, he and the TARDIS are trapped within one of Chloe’s drawings. But even trapped within a drawing, the Doctor is able to push Rose in the right direction to solve the problem, free Chloe, and allow the Isolsus pod to return to space and its journey.

This wasn’t my favourite episode of the second series in fact it may be one of Tennant eras worst, but it still has some fun, and wonderful moments, and not much could top the Doctor running with the Olympic torch.

Of course things can’t end too well for our heroes, as the Doctor wonders about the storm coming. (This now strikes me as a little odd, because isn’t he the oncoming storm?).

Still there is trouble on the horizon, and it’s almost time for the departure of the first Companion of the new era.


Army of Ghosts is the first part of the two part series finale, and it’s a big one. Russell T. Davies pulls out all the stops with the story set up that began on 1 July, 2006.

It also provides us with a look at the actress who would become the next Companion, but not as that character, Freema Agyeman.

Returning to present day England, Rose and the Doctor catch up with her mother, Jackie (Camille Coduri), who tells an odd story, one that is shared by people not only across England but across the globe. Each day, at a specific time, ghosts seem to be appearing.

People believe they are loved ones, coming to visit, to pass on messages, but the Doctor begins to suspect something more insidious.

At the Torchwood Institute a group of scientists and technicians are working on something the Doctor, once he discovers it, calls a Void Ship. It’s sealed, and we are filled with nothing but ominous worry about what may be inside it.

Happily, the Doctor gets some unexpected help in the form of Mickey (Noel Clarke), even as we race to the cliffhanger revelation that the ghosts are in fact Cybermen crossing over from a parallel universe, and the Void Ship opens to reveal Daleks!!

This is a great episode and sets everything up for the end of the second series, but not the fact that it’s going to be an emotional punch to the gut when it’s watched.

Next time we face Doomsday!



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