Quantum Leap (1992) – Trilogy: Part II and Part III

Sam (Scott Bakula) finds himself still embroiled in Abigail Fuller’s (Melora Hardin) life when he finds himself on 14 June, 1966, and in the form of her fiancee, Will Kinman.

Trilogy: Part II was written by Deborah Pratt and continued the previous week’s story on 24 November, 1992.

Sam is there to help Abigail once again, when a mob is out for blood after a child in her care has gone missing. This brings up all the ghosts of the past, and Al (Dean Stockwell) and Sam need to find a way to keep her safe.

It seems in the new history that was created when Sam saved her life, she was caught by this mob, and in the process of being strung up, gets shot.

I love that a trace of Walt Kinman (Travis Fine) remains in Sam, and Bakula affects the young man’s stutter nicely, continuing the continuity of the story established in the first part of the story.

Poor Abigail gets caught up in so much trouble again, and the story turns into a missing person story from last week’s Southern Gothic. Course the return of Laura Fuller (Meg Foster) does a lot to bring back that feeling. There’s a love story here that works beautifully, and considering when Sam leaped in, it changes and affects a lot of things. For the first time, Sam seems really intent on staying somewhere, but we also know that despite that want, that desire, he’ll do the right thing in the end and leap again. Even if it breaks his heart.

Leta Ader (Mary Gordon Murray) is still around causing problems, and may know more than she’s admitting to, and is still intent on ruining Abigail’s life.

And this time when he leaps…


He lands in Abigail’s lawyer, Larry Stanton (W.K. Stratton) in 1978 in the final instalment in Trilogy. Pratt brought the tale to an epic conclusion on 24 November, 1992.

Sam has leaped into Abigail’s life to save her one last time, and also learns that she has a child now, a daughter, Sammie Jo (Kimberly Cullum). And Al informs Sam that there is a 91% chance that Sammi Jo is his daughter.

In this episode, Leta Ader rears her head one last time to wreak havoc on Abigail’s life. This time as a murder victim. Did Abigail do it? Can Sam prove once and for all that she’s innocent?

Sam has to not only save Abigail, he has to make sure Sammie Jo gets a chance to live her own life. She has a genius IQ, and may get a chance to use it, if Sam succeeds. Unfortunately, he seems to have a mental and physical connection with Stanton on this, and is in danger of having a heart attack.

Will he be able to get the truth out, once and for all? Laura Fuller is the key, and she knows more than she lets on, and the revelations are stunning and heartbreaking,

The choral music over the black and white flashbacks returning, in a big way, the feel of a Southern Gothic tale.

This is a great ending to the the story, and it sets up come nice things in the universe, the idea of Sammie Jo working on the Project.

In the end, Sam is given a brief moment, and then he leaps…trilogy iii leap




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