Quantum Leap (1992) – Killin’ Time and Star Light, Star Bright

Sam (Scott Bakula) is in for an interesting ride this week in Killin’ Time. Written by Tommy Thompson with an original airdate of 20 October, 1992, Sam finds himself in the person of Leon Styles, a violent escaped convict on 18 June, 1958.

He’s troubled by the fact that Al (Dean Stockwell) hasn’t shown up to hint at what he’s there to do, and that’s a problem because he seems to be holding a young woman, Carol Pruitt (Connie Ray) and her daughter, Becky (Beverly Mitchell) hostage.

What Sam doesn’t know is that Leon (Cameron Dye) has escaped the Project’s Waiting Room and is on the loose, with Al in pursuit.

As Sam tries to keep the police at bay, by threatening Carol and Becky, he reveals who he truly is to the mother and daughter. Sam learns through their dialogues that Carol is prepping for her medical exams, and he gets to prove himself to her.

And in a fun twist, while Al is out hunting for Leon, Gushie (Dennis Wolfberg) has to try and help Sam as his new hologram.

It’s a bit of a tense episode, and one that works differently than previous episodes as we get to see both sides of the leap. Sam finishes his leap quickly, but he can’t leap.His body is missing from the Waiting Room, and the clock is running out on hos long the police will wait before storming the house.  Al keeps hunting Leon in an attempt to stop him before he murders again and tries to get him back to the Project before its too late for Sam.

A fun and unique episode.


Star Light, Star Bright was written by Richard C. Okie and aired on 27 October, 1992. Sam finds himself on 21 May, 1966.  He’s leaped into Maxwell Stoddard, a 79 year-old man who is a bit of a UFO fanatic and claims to have been seeing them for years.

His son, John (Guy Boyd) and daughter-in-law, Eva (Anne Lockhart) are contemplating a home for Max. Meanwhile their son, Tim (Morgan Weisser) pals around with Max, and believes him. And maybe the military does as well.

Sam tries to work on John and Tim’s strained relationship, and maybe see something he’s never seen before.

There’s a great moment when Sam gets to wail on an electric guitar trying to demonstrate to Tim what he can expect in terms of music in the very near future. But the heart of the episode is the family.

The relationship between John and Tim is very strained, and Sam tries very hard to get them together. Tim has dreams of playing music, his father wants him to go college. Sam and Tim come up with a plan, but John pushes too far.

While Sam keeps working on the earthbound problems of the Stoddard family, he keeps an eye on the sky…

Until everything is resolved… with a hint of mystery just as he leaps… back into Jimmy…

Oh boy.


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