Quantum Leap (1992) – The Curse of Ptah-Hotep and Stand Up

Sam (Scott Bakula) finds himself dealing with a sandstorm and a 3,000 year old curse when he leaps into Dale Conway an archaeologist in Egypt on 2 March, 1957. Bizarre accidents begin to claim the lives of a number of the dig’s party, and Sam and his partner, Ginny (Lisa Darr) must figure out what is really going on, and who is responsible.

The Curse of Ptah-Hotep was written by Chris Ruppenthal, and originally aired on 22 April, 1992. It’s a fun episode, and Al (Dean Stockwell) gets some great moments, especially at the end of the episode when a form of justice is served, seemingly from beyond the grave.

It’s a fun and spooky episode that plays with one of my favourite subjects, Egyptology (a love that Sam shares), and embraces the curse mythology that is so closely associated with the stories of ancient tombs.

Al starts to get on Sam’s nerves a little, as there is no evidence of who was responsible for the killing, and Al is afraid of both the curse, and shoots accusations at every one on the team.

Things get especially dire when Sam, in an attempt to prove the falsity of the curse ends up springing a booby trap which seals he, Ginny and Al in the tomb.

As they figure their way out, the true villain is revealed and a shocking end to the episode occurs as Sam leaps to…


..The Poconos as part of a comedy team on 30 April, 1959.

Stand Up was written by Deborah Pratt and aired on 13 May, 1992.

Sam is Dave Parker, one half of a stand up comedy team, kinda like Martin & Lewis. His partner is Mack Mackay (Bob Saget) and after Sam leaps in, not knowing the material, the team starts to bomb, until a waitress, Frankie (Amy Yasbeck) joins them on stage, ad-libbing and saving them.

The duo becomes a trio, and Sam and Al realise that Sam is there to make Frankie and Mack confront the fact that they are in love with one another, and keep Mark from dying at the hands of the mob.

As the trio attempt to make it big, a mobster reveals he has his eye on Frankie. Wanting to get to know her better he invites them to play at his club in Vegas. Mack’s mouth, and his affection for Frankie are going to get him into trouble, if Sam can’t fix things for everyone.

This episode plays like one of the classic zany madcap rom-coms of yesteryear, and consequently it’s a lot of fun. It has some great comedic moments, as well as some great little romantic bits as well.

As things get set right, Sam leaps, and finds himself leaping into a barely clad man crawling out of the surf, who is joined moments later by a woman, in what seems to be a re-enactment of the beach scene in From Here to Eternity.

Oh, boy.



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