Star Wars: Rogue One – The Ultimate Visual Guide (2016) – Pablo Hidalgo

Can you believe that we get a Star Wars movie every year now for the next foreseeable future? That time between Star Wars and Empire, and then Jedi, seemed interminable growing up. The wait between Jedi and Menace was even longer, and soured many a viewer, and while Awakens was a fun ride, not everyone was on board with it (I still enjoy it).

Now, we venture into unique territory stories that don’t involve the Skywalkers or (for now) the Solos. We are exploring other stories in that universe, and the first one is Rogue One. The film tells the story of the Rebel mission to steal the Death Star plans which leads right into the events of the first film.

Star Wars films have always been filled with details. Artists and production designers work to bring that galaxy to life, filling it with a reality that, though it may not be our own, could still exist, and function.

The brand new Star Wars: Rogue One – The Ultimate Visual Guide lets us take a look at ALL those details (though a couple of characters are missing – probably to avoid spoilers), and illustrates the level of attention that the film’s creative team put into their work.

The book is gorgeously appointed. Its glossy pages filled with hundreds of production photos. Each picture, or beautifully created cross-section illustrations by Kemp Remillard are layered with information; everything from jewellery to what Jyn Erso keeps in her vest or in her childhood bedroom.


There is an exploration of the new members of the Empire we’re introduced to; Orson Krennic, the black-armoured death troopers, the shore troopers (sorry, that’s one name I couldn’t swallow), the DS-1, and the atmosphere augmented TIE fighters.

It’s stunning. There is so much detail in the film, in this book, that seeing the film multiple times may be the only way to spot all the incredible work that has gone into the movie’s creation.

Costumes, character names, locations, vehicles; they are documented and explored, and we learn their histories, the reasons behind their designs, or the things that brought these characters to the Empire or the Rebellion.

The book’s layout follows the course of the film, moving from location to location as the story progresses, giving details that expand on the enjoyment of the film, and there is a last, albeit all too brief chapter about the production of the film. Perhaps that’s something to look forward to in the future.

In a time when there seems to be all manner of Star Wars material (again (and how amazing is it that I can be alive in such a time that the wonder and joy of my youth is brought forth anew in my adult life?)), it’s tough to know what ones may be worth the time of the serious, or the passing fan.

This book will be an indispensable aid and reference to all manner of fans, and will no doubt inspire imaginations for years to come, much like the Star Wars books of my youth did.

The Force is strong with this one and it’s available now from DK Books, just in time for the holidays!!




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