Doctor Who (Sylvester McCoy) -Paradise Towers

The Doctor (McCoy) and Mel (Bonnie Langford) end up in a strange adventure, when they arrive at Paradise Towers, a supposedly luxurious residential complex that is nothing like the adverts make out.

Written by Stephen Wyatt, this four-part story ran from 5 to 26 October, 1987.

The building is overrun by gangs, all who have allegiance to their colours, called Kangs, but there is much more going on here, the cleaning robots have a murderous edge, and there is bigger danger in the basement!!

Very quickly our two travellers are separated, the Doctor ends up with a group of Caretakers (including the wonderful Richard Briers), while Mel ends up, initially, with a couple of old ladies who live in residence (and have some dastardly plans for her), before getting palled up with a ‘protector/guide’ with the name Pex (Howard Cooke).

Mistaken for the buildings architect, the Doctor finds himself in even deeper trouble, but that won’t stop him from attempting to puzzle out the mysteries of Paradise Towers, even while poor Mel suffers with Pex.


Spending time with the Kangs, the Doctor tries to teach all of them residents of the building to work together, to save themselves and the residence. While this is going on, Pex and Mel reach the top of the building and Mel’s much sought after pool, which may have a secret of its own.

This one is a little, well, odd. It’s definitely not the best Who story ever, and it doesn’t do McCoy any favours by being his second story. He seems to be getting as short a shrift as Colin Baker, but perhaps that will change over the next few stories.

McCoy has a lot of potential as the Doctor, and hopefully he has some solid stories coming his way, but neither this nor the previous tale served him well. And Mel has never seemed to quite fit into the Who-universe, or maybe it’s just her health kick that puts me off.

Amazingly, there are only eleven more stories until I dive into the revitalised series! I have watched so much WHO!! There’s been amazing stories, as well as some terrible ones. I can honestly say that there are appealing aspects to each of the Doctor’s incarnations, though they sometimes suffer from the constraints of the time, budgets, and some iffy Companions. But wow, this has been a fun ride so far!

Next time, the Doctor and Mel meet Delta and the Bannermen.



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