Marvel: Absolutely Everything You Need To Know (2016) – Adam Bray, Lorraine Cink, John Sazaklis, and Sven Wilson

DK Canada brings the “Zowie!” and the “Pow!” this week with Marvel: Absolutely Everything You Need to Know! Filled with colorful eye-popping images and facts, this book seems uniquely tailored for the comic universe. As much as I enjoyed the Star Wars edition, this one is right at home with the busy, fact-filled pages that fill this tome.

All your favourite characters are here Tony Stark, Stephen Strange, the very cool and Canadian, Alpha Flight; heroes, villains, teams they all get a mention, and the big names get a full page spread featuring gorgeous artwork.

With an easy reference index, and table of contents, you can jump right to the big events. Need to know who is a Skrull? Who was on whose side for the events of Civil War? How many web-slingers are there? Who replaced Steve Rogers as Cap? What’s the difference between Red, Grey and Green Hulk? It’s all here at a touch of your fingers.

I love the little inset windows, filled with fun and sometimes outrageous facts. There is so much contained within these pages. It is, of course, by no means comprehensive, something like that would need countless volumes, constantly being updated, but we are given a very good overview of all things Marvel.

This book is perfect for younger fans, but looks gorgeous next to any respectable comic collection as well. It’s a fun, vibrant collection of information, and images, amassing trivia and facts from as far back as 1939 all the way through to the present.


Marvel has, since Iron Man hit the big screen in 2008, not made a wrong step, and what they have given us, cinematically, is only the tip of the Marvel comics iceberg. A book like this one from DK Books lets the neophyte and the passionate fan delve into the Marvel Comics Universe and discover new things, hidden or long forgotten facts, and concepts that may find their way to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in due time.

This book perfectly embodies all things Marvel, and you can almost hear Stan Lee’s exclamation of “Excelsior!” as you turn each page.

Would I have wished for a more in depth profiles on some of the characters? Sure! One of my recent favorites, Howard the Duck is woefully under represented, but he is mentioned! But, this isn’t meant to be comprehensive, it’s there to get you prepped and ready for a dive into the fantastic world of Marvel comics – a wonderful primer if you’re stepping into the world for the first time, having been intrigued by the films, or if you’re a lifelong fan, it’s very cool to have so much information compiled in one gorgeous, joyous book .

It also made me exclaim once again, and proudly, “Make Mine Marvel!”

Add this winner from DK Books to your Xmas geek gift list.





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