Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie (1995) – Bryan Spicer

I never quite got into the Power Rangers, nor understood the appeal, but they are my next stop in the Sci-Fi Chronicles book. I never really saw much of the television show, and anything I did see, seemed fairly low-end, but the film tries to embrace a big budget theatrical look with a Point Break parachuting sequence to open the film as we are introduced to the Power Rangers in their civilian guises, as Angel Grove high school students, Aisha (Karan Ashley), Adam (Johnny Yong Bosch), Rocky (Steve Cardenas), Tommy (Jason David Frank), Kimberley (Amy Jo Johnson) and Billy (David Yost).  In their heroic alter-egos they all have colours, martial arts skills, and giant combat vehicles called Zords.

As they embrace their love for extreme sports, a strange egg is uncovered in their little town that has held the film’s baddie trapped inside for eons, Ivan Ooze (Paul Freeman. Yes, that Paul Freeman).

It seems, Ivan was trapped by Zordon (Nicholas Bell), the Power Rangers mentor and control,  and wants his revenge, and to take over the world (of course). Ivan teams up (temporarily) with Lord Zedd (Mark Kinther) and Rita Repulsa (Julia Cortez), the Power Rangers seemingly unstoppable, but frequently defeated enemies from the television series.

When Ooze destroys their headquarters, and leaves Zordon dying, the Rangers lose their powers and must travel to a far distant planet to find another source for their Great Power, where they are aided by a bikini clad warrior (seriously), named Dulcea (Gabrielle Fitzpatrick).


The writing, acting, story, wire work, computer generated and special effects are definitely terrible and  aimed at the younger viewers, with not much to keep their adult accompaniment entertained. And not to sound harsh to these young actors, but the only ones who seem to be comfortable and capable in front of the camera are Johnson and Freeman, the rest of the actors, especially the Rangers, seem a little wooden.

Filled with cartoon-like sound effects during the fight sequences, it’s hard to take any of this serious. Which is too bad, because could you imagine how awesome this series could be if it was played serious and the fighting sequences were top notch? You know like that fan video that made the rounds a few years ago with James Van Der Beek and Katee Sackhoff? But again, I’m not the age group this film was aimed at… ever.

I’m not sorry to say that there was nothing in this one to really hold my attention, so much of it doesn’t work, and the young stars simply make pose after pose as they react to whatever threat they are confronted with.

A silly, silly film.

And yet, there was another one after this, and the series seems to still be going…

Who knew?


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