Banshee: Season 4

The white-knuckle, pulp thriller, rollercoaster ride that is Banshee has come to a close. While it’s bittersweet that the show has come to its conclusion, there’s nothing like going out on a high note.

Brutal in its violence, dark and dry in its humour, and incredibly sexy in its liaisons, the series has captivated the audiences that discovered it over four seasons. Now, its final season is available on blu-ray and DVD from HBO and Cinemax.

Delivering the last 8 episodes of the series, the season starts off with two shocking revelations: the death of a major character, and the amount of time that has passed between the events of season 3 and the beginning of season 4.

Other things have changed; the devious gangster, Kai Proctor (Ulrich Thomson) is mayor, Lucas Hood (Antony Starr) has become a recluse, Brock (Matt Servitto) is the new sheriff, and Job (Hoon Lee) is still missing. Now, there’s a serial killer stalking the small town, and claiming lives, including one incredibly close to Hood. All of this trouble catches the FBI’s attention (once again) and this time, agent Veronica Dawson (Eliza Dushku) comes to investigate.

Things spiral desperately out of control for our antiheroes, as their loves, lives, bodies and souls become increasingly damaged. As things race towards their seemingly inescapable climax all the viewing audience can do is buckle up and hold on.

The entire cast, not just the main characters, get their arcs and their moments, and the action beats are everything we’ve come to expect from the series; fight sequences, chases, and stunning acts of brutality play out across the screen.


Carrie (Ivana Milicevic), Sugar (Frankie Faison), former Neo-Nazi Bunker (Chris Coy) and even the bow-tied psychopath Clay (Matthew Rauch) all get to shine, and final confrontations, some that are long overdue, finally play out.

The three disc collection features a gorgeous audio and video transfer with crystal clear images that pop off the screen, and sounds and music (I have loved the opening credit sequence from the first moment I saw it) make good use of your home stereo system.

There are special features for each episode; a season 3 recap, just in case you forgot a bit, and the cast rave about their favourite moments throughout the series.

It’s amazing how intense this show can be, and how those who do know about it, rave about it, sharing their love of it, their excitement, and when they come across an action fan who doesn’t know about it, how quickly they convert them.

I’m going to miss this series. It caters to the action junkie in me that just revels in some insane, balls-to-the-wall action and fight sequences, where the the good guys aren’t completely good, the bad guys are brutal and psychotic, and explosions, and fisticuffs are a daily occurrence. Banshee is one screwed up little town!

On the upside, if you’re coming to the series late, you now have the luxury of watching all four seasons in one go, without having to wait week to week and year to year. All four seasons are now available from HBO, and they are definitely worth your time. This series ROCKS! Check it out!






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