Quantum Leap (1990) -Maybe Baby and Sea Bride

Sam (Soctt Bakula) is a kidnapper?

This week out time traveller is on the run in Maybe Baby. Penned by Paul and Julie Brown, who also portrays Sam’s travelling companion, and stripper, Bunny, in this episode that aired 4 April 1990.

It’s 11 March, 1963, and Sam as Buster, the bouncer from Bunny’s bar, and the young woman have just kidnapped a baby, Christie, which she says is hers, but the baby’s legal father, Reed (Charles Frank) is in hot pursuit accompanied by the long arm of the law!

Al (Dean Stockwell) tries to help Sam by entertaining Christie, and makes a still important comment on disposable diapers. He informs Sam that Bunny isn’t Christie’s mother, and that he’s supposed to return the child to Reed.

With the evidence mounts that she is a compulsive liar, Sam learns that Bunny isn’t the mother, but maybe she does have a good reason to keep Christie away from Reed.

There’s a bit of commentary on domestic abuse in this episode, and though it isn’t delved into a lot, the episode does get it out there front and centre.

But there are so many lies flying around, it’s hard to tell if she says anything that’s true. Al keeps warning him off, but Sam, who may not believe everything Bunny says does feel that she has Christie’s best interests at heart.

In the end, the truth will out, and Sam learns what Reed is really like, and that Christie’s real mother is out there, and she just may grow up in a happy home after all.


Sea Bride was the first episode I ever saw, when I was living on my own out in Nova Scotia for uni, and I caught it in a rerun. I was hooked from that moment on, and made sure to catch up on all the reruns I could, each one winning me over more and more. This one is charming, romantic, and just fun.

This one was penned by (surprise) Deborah Pratt, and it had an original airdate of 2 May, 1990. Sam finds himself in the form of Philip Dumont aboard the Queen Mary on 3 June, 1954. It seems Philip’s ex-wife, Catherine Farrington (Beverly Leech), is about to get married to a gangster, Vincent Loggia (James Harper).

With some help from Al and Catherine’s younger daughter, Jennifer  (Juliet Sorci) Sam has to win Catherine back and save the Farrington family business.

While he tries to woo Catherine, it comes out that Vincent isn’t afraid to kill to keep her and get his hands on Farrington shipping.

There’s a lot of fun in this episode, and Catherine and Sam’s interactions feel like something out of a Hepburn/Tracy movie, there’s a zany, madcap feel to the episode, and it and the relationship plays out delightfully as you don’t know if they are going to kiss one another, or smack one another.

There are a couple of important moments that set up things to come, especially Al’s talk about true love, and happiness.

Next week, Season 2 comes to an emotional end, and they keep coming as we dive into Season 3, don’t be fooled by the teaser for next week’s ep which sees Sam leaping into a cigarette smoking man dressed in heels… oh, boy.


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