Star Wars: Absolutely Everything You Need to Know (2015) – Adam Bray, Kerrie Dougherty, Cole Horton and Michael Kogge

Since my first pack of Topps Star Wars cards, the second series with the red border, I knew I had found something special. A supposition proven correct, when I saw the film later that year when my family moved to CFB Borden.

The film changed me, and has been a part of my DNA since then. I have remained passionate about it, hopeful and excited, even in the dark times of the Prequel Trilogy. I would lose myself in that galaxy, far, far away, either with toys, games, comics, books, amassing knowledge of a long time ago, and the denizens of the worlds I longed to explore and be a part of.

If only there were a book filled with all manner of information accessible in a fun way, that would entertain the young Padawan in me, as well as continue to enlighten the Master I strive to become…

Oh wait.

DK Canada has given us a busy, joyous ensemble of all things Star Wars (up to and hinting at The Force Awakens, hey, it was published in 2015 – you can bet an updated edition is probably in the pipeline). While definitely directed at the younger fans of the series with its deluge of pictures and pop-up boxes of information, there was plenty I learned while making my way through this extensive tome. – Did you know Threepio had 10 known masters? (I can name a few, but I didn’t realise there were 10!)


Meticulously researched from the Original Trilogy through to the Prequels, the Clone Wars, Rebels and The Force Awakens, the book covers all aspects of the new canon, including things that haven’t happened on-screen but in the new stories springing up, officially, around them.

There are discussions on lightsabers, revelations about Darth Maul, profiles on Rebels, starships, looks at a variety of planets and facts from the canon and from behind the scenes. Now, of course, the book can’t be completely comprehensive, there are things missing, Biggs and Wedge don’t really get a mention, but it does have tons of information about that realm I’ve so often imagined myself in.

This one proves to be a handy reference book, and filled with tons of information both general and specific that should keep most fans, new, young, and old informed, entertained, and filled with the wonder of the Star Wars galaxy.

Each page is filled with imagery and information that leaps off the page, and it is more than evident that the contributors to the book must love Star Wars as much as the readers at whom the book is aimed at.

With it’s vibrant cover, dearth of pictures, and wealth of data, this one should be a welcome addition to any Star Wars library, and captures the sense of fun, and wonder that are two of the most beloved traits of the Star Wars titles. The stories, facts and strange but true revelations mean there’s something here for everyone, and once again DK Canada has unveiled another winner with this engaging and colourful volume.

Check it out, and get one for a Star Wars fan you love today!








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