Magnum, p.i. (1988) – Unfinished Business and The Great Hawaiian Adventure Company


Unfinished Business, which aired 20 January, 1988, and was penned by Chris Abbott and Jeri Taylor is just that, it ties up some of the unfinished things from last season. Specifically, relating to the season finale.

Quang Ki (Richard Narita) who shot Thomas (Tom Selleck) at the end of last season, and left him for dead, and who is also gunning for Michelle (Marta DuBois) and Lily Catherine (Kristen Carreira) is on trial. However, something seems to be very wrong, when the case is suddenly dismissed.

Everything ties in with some missing POWs, still being held in Vietnam. This inevitably means military involvement, so Buck Greene (Lance LeGault) and Maggie Poole (Jean Bruce Scott) both make appearances.

Things get even more personal for Magnum when Quang send him a videotape seemingly depicting an explosion that killed both Lily Catherine and Michelle. It’s a pretty shocking moment.

And you know things get serious when the show uses another Genesis song, this one is, The Brazilian. Thomas starts on a path of vengeance, trying to track down Ki and finding the connection to whatever Greene has going on.

It seems Ki is to be traded back to the Vietnamese government in return for the release of a MIA who has been held for the past twenty years.

As Thomas continues his path towards vengeance, truly set on killing Ki, we get to see a darker side of Magnum, one that you can see has always been there, but that he keeps in check.

And when he is confronted with the reality of the POW will he still try to kill Ki or will he let the killer live so that a long lost soldier can return home?


The Great Hawaiian Adventure Company was penned by Jeri Taylor and aired on 27 January, 1988.

Thomas comes up with a great new business idea, but things don’t go smoothly for everyone when T.C.’s (Roger E. Mosley) son, Bryant (Shavar Ross) returns to he island and ends up riding with a gang, and getting himself arrested.

Rick (Larry Manetti), Higgins (John Hillerman) and T.C. can’t be bothered with Thomas’ idea, though he refuses to let it go, and tries to pitch them, as well as other companies.

The motorcycle gang is less than willing to let Bryant go, and trash Island Hoppers to send their message. At this point, all the young man really seems to want is to spend time with his father, and Rick is working on a relationship with Cleo (Phyllis Davis) who has appeared previously, and was apparently a working girl.

Bryant is having all sorts of problems, the business idea seems to be off to a good start despite the lack of enthusiasm from Thomas’ friends, and T.C. is just trying to be a good dad.

It seems the series is working at tying up some loose ends before the show reaches its conclusion in a few short episodes. They are setting up new lives for the characters, commitments, and new dreams.

I wonder how it will all play out…

Until next time Aloha!




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