Magnum, p.i. (1987) – Pleasure Principle and Innocence… A Broad


Things get a little weird in Hawaii this week with the Pleasure Principle. This one was written by Jay Huguely and aired 14 October, 1987. For some strange reason, Thomas (Tom Selleck) is acting like Higgins (John Hillerman) and Higgins is acting like Magnum.

Thomas, still recovering from his injuries (including being partially blind in his left eye), is suspicious of Higgins’ behavior, and he is seeing things, well, in this case Mac (Jeff MacKay). The major domo also gives the okay for Thomas to see over the estate while Higgins goes on his yearly holiday. But he’s not going anywhere.

In fact, it seems he’s seeing someone!

Thomas, meanwhile, is acting more responsible (including thinking about buying Carol’s (Kathleen Lloyd) car in lieu of always borrowing the Ferrari) because a psychologist suggests that maybe he’s ignoring his need to grow up by working as an investigator, and dressing the way he does. So he tries something new, as does Higgins, but is there a darker motivation when it comes to Higgins’ new friend, Rosita (Julia Migenes)?

Even the lads seem to be siding with Magnum on this one, and the angrier Thomas gets with him, the more English he sounds.  Meanwhile, everywhere Higgins drives in the Ferrari, he plays Miami Sound Machine’s Conga. Thomas follows his friend, and tries to figure out what is really going on with Rosita.

Thomas seems more like Higgins than the other way round, but that may be because we spend more time with the investigator, and by the end of the episode everything gets sorted out. It was also cool to see Amy Yasbeck in a guest appearance as a local police officer in this fun episode.


Innocence… A Broad was penned by Stephen A. Miller and aired on 28 October, 1987.

Robin Masters has been named in a lawsuit , and Thomas is on the case to prove his innocence, but is hindered by the unwanted help of a beautiful woman, Rita Parker (Janis Ward), whose fiancee, Joe Hatten (Kenneth McMillan), made his mint in waste management, and is a bit garbage himself.

To keep Rita out of his hair, Joe pays Thomas $600 a day to let her tag along with him on his case to clear Robin’s name. Janis causes all sorts of problems, but the two of them dig into the case, which spirals into murder and mobsters as the case against Robin is dropped, and begin to discover what is really going on, even when their primary lead ends up dead. The pair of them are quite fun together, though you can tell that Janis wears a little on Thomas’ nerves even though her heart is in the right place. And in the end, she may be able to help out on the case, and its resolution.

There are tons of funny moments in this episode as Higgins and Magnum fall into their regular banter, with the added bonus of the lads having learned some hand signals from Higgins.

Until next time… Aloha.




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