Toronto Screenwriting Conference – The Mind Reels Interviews


The Toronto Screenwriting Conference weekend may be over, but, the ideas, and creative juices are still flowing. Sue and I have been throwing around all manner of ideas, from writing a spec script to get in the habit of writing for the television format, to tossing around story ideas for series that we would love to create, and are trying to find a way to make them happen.

Sue and I wanted to share the moments we had with some of the speakers at this year’s conference. As mentioned in the previous TSC posts we were delighted to talk to each and everyone of them, and continue to be wowed by the things we learned.

First up, we got to chat with Damien showrunner Glen Mazzara…

I truly loved talking with Glen and would love the opportunity to just sit down and talk film, and storytelling with him…

We then had time to sit down and catch up with Wynonna Earp’s showrunner, and friend, Emily Andras… wherein we hopefully planted the seed for a studio chat in the near future…

Coming off that incredibly fun interview (it’s always nice to catch up with people you respect and admire), we got to speak with Jen Grisanti, executive, and consultant, about the conference, writing, and the incredible wealth of creative juices the conference seems to foster.

And finally, what better way to finish up our interviews post, than with the man who closed out the conference, and who blew our minds last year, Corey Mandell. We all shared about our writing, nice Canadians, and creativity. I would love to be able to take some of his classes!!

After each one of these interviews, Sue and I walked away completely jazzed, wanting to tell our stories, and write, create, and write some more. And that’s what the conference does for many people, gives them the tools, the focus, the drive, the creativity and the enthusiasm.

I can’t speak highly enough of the conference, and these amazing people who shared some time and their thoughts with us.

Now, to start working on my script! Who knows, maybe I’ll have a first or second draft ready in time for next year’s conference!



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