Magnum, p.i. (1987) – Solo Flight and Forty


It’s back to Hawaii!

This week we start off with Solo Flight, which originally aired on 4 February, 1987, and was written by jay Huguely.

When Thomas (Tom Selleck) can’t resolve a case and is fired from it, he decides to take some alone time, and after spotting an old World War II fighter plane wreckage atop a mountain, he checks it out, only to become trapped under the fuselage, he struggles to stay cognizant, and alive, as he tries to work himself free.

His new haircut gets a few jibes from Rick (Larry Manetti) and T.C. (Roger E. Mosley), and he’s a little down on himself for not being able to solve the case. He says he’ll pay his bar bill, he’ll take care of his own mail, and let’s T.C.’s team down by not showing up for practice. So he decides to take some time for himself and climb a local mountain to investigate an old wreck. He feels he needs to regain his sense of accomplishment, his ability to complete something.

Even after a bite from a centipede, he keeps going, despite ruminating over his dismissal by David Albertson (Norman Fell), Higgins (John Hillerman) and memories of his father (Robert Pine). After he’s trapped, he fights delirium, visions, thirst, and exhaustion, as he struggles to survive.

I love the fact that at this point in the series, it takes its time to tell these quieter types of stories that focus on the character, his emotional state and his successes as much as his failures.

This may be one of my favorite episodes, and I love the way the flashbacks are part of the story, not just filler.This is a great one, and that last moment, after all he’s been through, is priceless.

magnum solo

Forty aired on 11 February, 1987, and was written by Bruce Cervi. Thomas’ fortieth birthday is looming, and as he comes to term with that, he is hired by some local merchants to deal with a Chinese gang that is attempting to shake them down.

Rick, Thomas and T.C. are out for a night on the town for Thomas’ birthday, coming up in three days, and they are having a great time toasting their friendship and their memories. On an off chance when he is looking for a treasured two-dollar bill, Thomas meets the stunning Linda Lee Ellison (Patrice Martinez), a local television reporter, and shares a brief moment with her.

James Hong makes an appearance as Han, one of the shop owners who turn to Magnum for help. Thomas, however, keeps getting drawn to Linda, trailing her, and it gets a litle stalker-y, and he’s aware of that, but doesn’t stop it.  When he comes clean, he realizes how uncomfortable it sounds to her and him. But that doesn’t stop her from coming to him when she needs help, and there is an undeniable spark between them, but what if she is just using him for a story?

The guys try and keep him busy and entertained, Higgins has forgotten his birthday, and the case starts to get really dangerous, and gets warned off by John Costa (James Luisi) who has some kind of hold over Linda.

And it seems that this John Costa may be the same one threatening the shops in Chinatown…

Thomas may have some problems and a birthday party to get through before the episode’s end…

and maybe 40 won’t be so bad.

Until next time, Aloha!

magnum season 7




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