Orphan Black S4E01 – The Collapse of Nature


Tonight Clone Club returns to Space with the fourth season premiere of Orphan Black, and right from the off, Tatiana Maslany’s spectacular acting ability is back front and center, and despite having to wait too long between seasons, in moments, we learn that that, as always, the wait was worth it.

We find ourselves back in time a little as the story opens (and not jumping into any of the big questions that we were left pondering at the end of last season – for that we’ll have to wait), and everything we see expands on things we know in addition to creating bigger mysteries for the viewers. It’s absolutely everything we’ve come to expect from the series to date, and shakes us up.

We spend a lot of time with Beth in this episode, before the civilian shooting that we saw the fallout of in season 1, and what led up to it is stunning. The big reveal of another clone under the creepy, and already iconic, sheep mask in the first few minutes of the episode is not so much a surprise, but who she is, that is what will be the real mystery and how she knows what she knows and how she’ll mesh with the other clones when Sarah returns to Toronto, that is the exciting part.

Well, that and the neolutionists.


The show continues to look amazing, and neither the cast, nor crew, nor creators are resting on their laurels, and, having been a fan of the canon comic book from IDW I couldn’t help but see little tie-ins to that as well.

Using only this episode to judge a season, it’s going to be a helluva fourth series, and I cannot wait to see how it plays out, what new secrets are revealed and what new questions we’ll be given to mull over.

Maslany continues to shine as her collection of clones, and brings her all to her performances. I don’t think there could be a harder working actor in film or television, and after four seasons she doesn’t rest, but blazes ahead, leading her, her fellow cast, and the legions of fans deeper into the world that Graeme Manson and John Fawcett have created.

Buckle up seestras it’s going to be a fantastic ride!!

And make sure you scroll all the way down to check out our latest chat with Kevin Hanchard and Kristian Bruun about the new season!

Orphan Black returns to our lives tonight on Space. Tune in!!





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