Speed Sisters (2015) – Amber Fares


Opening today at the Bloor Hot Docs Cinema is this highly enjoyable, and completely captivating documentary about the first all-women race car team in Palestine.

We join Marah, Noor, Mona, Betty, and Maysoon as they put the pedal to the metal, and bust barriers in the racing and Middle Eastern world. The audience climbs into the passenger seat, and you’d better buckle up, because these amazing, bold and fiery women know what they want, and are out to get it, letting nothing stand in their way, even the tense climate of their surroundings won’t hold them back.

Dealing with conservative families and entrenched beliefs and traditions, the women not only have to be the best on and off the track, they have to deal with the cultural beliefs that would limit their dreams, goals, and loves.

They work as a team when taking on all comers, but only two of them will be chosen to race at a championship tournament.


Compelling edited, viscerally shot, this one is hugely entertaining, and brought this viewer into a rarely seen world, both culturally and in terms of sports. We follow these women through their triumphs and their setbacks, their races, and their personal lives, and Fares steady hand on the wheel forms a strong narrative that is completely engaging.

I, personally, love when I come across documentaries like this. It’s not something I would go out of my way to find, but having found it, I can’t believe how much I enjoy it, and then, of course, go on to recommend it to countless others who might not have sought it out either.

As we get to know each of these amazing women, we learn about them, and by extension ourselves, as we see them, unabashedly, pursuing their dreams, and if we can take such delight and pleasure in their successes, imagine the joy we’ll take in our own.

Inspiring, amazing, enjoyable and engaging, this one is a rush, and is definitely a must for documentary lovers, seek it out, and buckle up! You’re in for a heckuva ride!

Speed Sisters opens today at the Bloor Hot Doc Cinema in Toronto!




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