Resident Evil: Afterlife (2010) – Paul W.S. Anderson


These films keep coming, and it’s a good thing, that for the most part, I am willing to indulge them as a guilty pleasure. The Sci-Fi Chronicles brings me the third sequel in the Resident Evil Series that sees Alice (Milla Jovovich) trying to catch up with those she left after the events in the desert.

She first travels to the Tokyo division of Umbrella, where we see a flashback of the outbreak there, and she and her army of clones confront Wesker (Shawn Roberts). We get a loud, violent, verging on the nonsensical opening that sees Alice injected with an antivirus that strips her of her augmented powers caused by her DNA bonding with the T-Virus that has killed and turned most everyone else into the undead.

From there, she travels to Alaska in hopes of catching up with the rest of the group that was looking for the safe haven known only as Arcadia. She finds Claire (Ali Larter) but no one else. So she heads south, and the main story takes place in a California when they land atop a prison, surrounded by the undead, and the Umbrella mutations (including new mutations, tentacle mouthed variations as well as a giant axe-wielding brute).

But the prison may not be as sturdy as they think and Arcadia may be something real…

Jovovich and Larter are joined this time around by Kim Coates, Boris Kodjoe and Wentworth Miller, who plays another familiar character from the Capcom videogame series Chris Redfield, Claire’s brother.


Like all the films so far, this one barely clocks in at an hour and a half, and tends to fly along, with, as has come to be expected, little to no character development, and dialogue that seems to be not much more than instructions – go there, do this, stop that, kill it.

Despite that, once again, I was mindlessly entertained. The films, in their way, have done their best to expand the cinematic RE world with each film, and the canvas is definitely getting bigger, though still paper-thin. They remain nothing more than popcorn entertainment, but that’s part of their fun, and I still love watching Milla kick ass, even after four films.

Still, this isn’t a premise that is going to entertain forever, but it seems that powers that be are aware of that, and there are only two more films in the series, one currently in production, and one more to watch for the list, so I think I can hold out and watch Alice do her things for a couple more hours.

I do like a number of things in this film, the big axe guys are pretty cool, and the opening sequence, as ridiculous as it is, is rather fun, and the visuals in this installment are the best yet. Wesker, no matter who plays him it seems, annoys the crap out of me, and the climax featuring him and our heroes is a little lackluster, but I do love the cliffhanger ending this time around…

Wonder what happens next?!?



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