Magnum, p.i. (1985) – The Hotel Dick and Round and Around


Magnum (Tom Selleck) tries to grow up a little this week in The Hotel Dick; written by Reuben Leder, this one aired 17 October, 1985.

Feeling age beginning to creep up on him, and even admitting to Higgins (John Hillerman) needing glasses to read, he leaves the estate behind, trying to shed his perceived beach bum private investigator persona and replacing it with a sharply dressed hotel detective one instead.

Unfortunately, he has a low opinion of his new boss, Clyde Daltrey (Granville Van Dusen), who only hired Magnum because of a recommendation from Robin Masters.

The Hawaiian Gardens hotel is about to host an international jewelry convention, and a rash of robberies by a burglar, known locally as the Cat Man of Kauai has Clyde on edge for his guests. Add in a charming hooker, Leslie (candy Clark) who may have overheard something while with a client, Willard X. Huxley (Joe Moore) and it seems Thomas has his hands full.

This one plays out in an incredibly fun way, and it’s fun to see Thomas wrestling with the idea of age, growing up, and being true to who he is, all while trying to keep Leslie alive, and out of trouble, staying on Clyde’s good side, and put a stop to the Cat Man.

Higgins, Rick (Larry Manetti) and T.C. (Roger E. Mosley) all make appearances in support of Tom’s decision to be a bit more grown-up, but let him know, each in their own way, that they were quite happy with who he was in the first place…


Round and Around, strikes a bit more a serious tone, though it was written by Leder as well (he also directed it). This one aired 24 October 1985, and has a nice ‘age’ carry-over from the previous episode as T.C., Thomas and their friend Ron Pennington (Bob Minor) are playing some 3-on-3 hoops with some younger players, and all three of them are feeling it.

When T.C. and Ron stop at a local market on the way back to Ron’s place for a few beers and a barbecue, Ron is shot and killed in a botched robbery. T.C. sees the suspects racing away, and they are identified as local drug dealers.

They also seem to know Ron’s son, Ron Jr. (Larry B. Scott), who seems to be having a tough time processing the loss of his father, and can’t seem to connect with his mother, Sheila (Sheila Frazier). T.C. tries to help the family out and with Thomas’ help starts to investigate.

As T.C. and Ron Jr. start communicating, and pursuing the suspects, Thomas does some digging on his own, learning that the market has been robbed countless times, and maybe, just maybe, T.C. is about to get hurt going after the wrong suspect.

It’s a good solid story, and it’s nice to see T.C. and Thomas sharing it.

This show, after so many years, is still a top-notch programme, and makes me think it’s about time to think about visiting Hawaii again…

Until next week, Aloha!







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