Star Wars: Smuggler’s Run (2015) – Greg Rucka


So how many times have I seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens by the time this post goes up? Who knows!!!

This week on the Book Shelf I dug into the third of the new ‘Young Adult’ books written around our original heroes, set during the original trilogy, but with tie-ins to the new film. This one, I saved for last, because it centered on my favorite character, Han Solo, and his stalwart companion Chewbacca.

The book-end portions of the book that tie-in with the new film center on a slightly older Han, regaling a group of potential bounty hunters, with a tale of the Millennium Falcon and an adventure that befell Han and Chewie shortly after the events of A New Hope.

Instead of heading off to pay Jabba the Hutt immediately with the reward money they’ve earned, they get pulled into flying a rescue mission. It seems there is one man, a lone survivor from a secretive Rebel squad, known as Shrikes, who knows where the Alliance bases are, where they could be going, and routes they would travel.

Han is commissioned to reach the spy before the Imperials grab him, and leading the charge for the Empire is the ISB agent, Beck. She’s dangerous, intimidating, and isn’t above sacrificing others to achieve her goals.

Han and Chewie have to stay more than a step ahead of the Empire on this one, but when bounty hunters fall onto their trail as well, Jabba will only wait so long, the pair find their hands full, and fear they may have gotten more than they bargained for.


Much like the previous two books in this series, this one is way too short, it gets all ramped up, there are fights, explosions, chases, aerial combat, escapes and boom, done. It’s too bad, because I quite liked Rucka’s storytelling ability and loved how he brought the world to life.

Watching the story play out, as well as the reveals, and the events leading up into the climax, I could totally hear John Williams’ score for Star Wars in my head the whole time, and that to me is a sign of a good Star Wars book… when you just automatically hear the music accompanying it.

There are some very cool moments in the book, and it also opens up the new Expanded Universe a little more, by introducing us to some new characters who will probably show up in subsequent tales to be told in the new continuity. Beck, especially, seems interesting, and we’ll see if she resurfaces again anytime soon.

It’s a fun read, and is definitely maintaining my level of enthusiasm, because while this post is going up on the 30th, it’s being written on the 15th… I’m literally within hours of seeing the new film. This is so amazing!!!

Star Wars is here, but there would also be those of us who would argue it’s never been gone, it’s just a little bit more to the front of everyone’s mind right now.

So if you’re looking for some fun stuff to read, these three books work really nicely, and make a nice new addition to the new Star Wars novels.

May the Force be with you!


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